Bulgaria Ranks 40th in Global Tourism Destination Index

Photo: Stella Ivanova

Bulgaria has secured the 40th spot in the global ranking of tourist destinations, according to the World Economic Forum's index. The top three positions are held by the USA, Spain, and Japan, respectively.

Japan, leading in the Asia-Pacific region, allures visitors with its rich natural and cultural offerings, coupled with well-developed transportation infrastructure. In the previous report released during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2021, Japan clinched the top spot, albeit under different evaluation criteria.

France holds the fourth position globally, followed by Australia at fifth place, within a ranking encompassing 119 countries and regions. In the Asia-Pacific region, China ranks 8th, Singapore 13th, and South Korea 14th.

Bulgaria's 40th position places it ahead of neighboring Romania, which maintains the 43rd spot. The World Economic Forum's index evaluates a range of factors and policies contributing to the sustainable and adaptable growth of the tourism and travel sector, thus fostering overall national development.

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