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Guns and Apartheid – an Albanian King in South Africa

Leka Zogu was the only son of the late Zog I, the only monarch to reign in Albania. The Albanian monarchy had an unusually short history. The founder of the royal house, Zog, was a wealthy landowner and politician who, after Albania's independence in 1913, first became prime minister and then president before proclaiming himself king in 1928.

Albanians Rally Peacefully as Opposition MPs Quit Parliament

Opposition protesters throw flares while police officers protect Albania's parliament on 21 February 2019. Photo: Gjergj Erebara/BIRN

Opposition parties summoned their protesters on Thursday morning to near the parliament in Tirana, where police deployed about 1,000 officers, equipped with gas masks and some in full anti-riot gear.

Minister-delegate Ciamba meets Portugal's StateSec Zacarias; discussions focused on EU developments in relation to current agenda

Minister-delegate for European Affairs George Ciamba met on Wednesday with Secretary of State for European Affairs with Portugal's Foreign Affairs Ministry Ana Paula Zacarias. The discussions of the two officials focused on the working programme of Romania's Presidency at the EU Council and the ongoing developments at European level in relation with the current agenda.

Albania Braces for Unrest Ahead of Opposition Protest

Albanian opposition protesters attack the offices of Prime Minister Edi Rama on February 16, 2019. Photo: Armand Shkullaku/LSA.

Police said they planned to deploy about 1,200 officers in Tirana to deal with fears of violence, and warned journalists to wear gas masks to avoid tear gas inhalation.

Serb Fighter ‘Transported Kosovo Massacre Victims’ Bodies’

The Darko Tasic trial on Wednesday at Prizren Basic Court. Photo: BIRN.

The truck was then set on fire and pushed into the river with the bodies inside, according to the witnesses.

Witness Tome Prekpalaj, from the village of Bregu i Drinit near Prizren, testified that he saw the defendant and his father with the truck carrying the corpses of Albanian civilians.

"Croatians reselling Serbian wheat in Kosovo"

Serbian officials had promptly warned about a black market springing up, immediately after Pristina (increased by 100 percent) its taxes on Serbian product, Ljajic told Radio-Television Serbia on Wednesday.

And he added, "When you look at the stores in the north and the south of Kosovo, you can seen that there are Serbian goods that appear there via various channels."

Crooks spot opportunity in coffee tax

The introduction of a special consumption tax on coffee in Greece in 2017 has led to the emergence of smuggling rackets that sneak the commodity over the northern border from neighboring countries such as Bulgaria, Albania and North Macedonia.

Thousands of Albanians Went to the Streets to Demand the Resignation of the Prime Minister

Thousands of Albanians went to the streets on Saturday to demand the resignation of Prime Minister Edi Rama.

Demonstrators clashed with the police as they tried to enter the prime minister's office in the capital Tirana.

Four demonstrators and two police officers were injured during the clash, according to the Albanian Ministry of Health and Social Protection.

Greece, Albania discussing EEZ, not land border

The land border between Greece and Albania is not among the issues being discussed between the two countries, sources from the Greek Foreign Ministry said in a statement Friday, in response to suggestions to that effect on Thursday by Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama.

FM sources: Edi Rama's remarks did not refer to land borders

The land border between Greece and Albania is not among the issues discussed between the two countries, sources from the Greek foreign ministry said in a statement on Friday, responding to remarks by Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama on Thursday night.

ND reacts to Rama's talk of border change

Greece's conservative opposition has reacted to comments by Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama in which he appeared to suggest that  Athens and Tirana are in talks over potential border changes.

Ries: Security in Europe depends on stability in the Balkans

Peace and security in Europe depends on achieving stability in the Western Balkans, Charles Ries, who served as US ambassador to Greece from 2004 to 2007 and principal deputy assistant secretary of state for European affairs from 2000 to 2004, has told Kathimerini in an interview.

Haradinaj: Neither Thaci nor I are owners of Kosovo

"There are two million people living there. There is the act of declaration of independence. If someone dares to negotiate the territory of Kosovo, then he is against the Constitution, Haradinaj told the T7 broadcaster, Koha reported.