All News on Social Issues in Croatia

Protests against Migrant Influx in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Hundreds of Bosnians protested against the large influx of migrants in the western border town of Bihach. They warned about security and health risks from the fact that thousands of migrants are sleeping outdoors.

Hoping for Help: Serbia’s Disabled War Veterans

Dejan Ivanovic was wounded while serving in the Kosovo war in spring 1999, when he stood on an anti-personnel mine in Kosare and lost one of his legs.

For the last 20 years, he has been a military invalid, but has had to struggle with bureaucracy to get the benefits that he is guaranteed by law.

Albania busts gang trafficking migrants into EU, arrests 8

Albanian police said on Wednesday they had broken up a criminal gang trafficking Syrian, Turkish and Iraqi migrants to western Europe from Greece and had arrested eight people including the Turkish ringleader.

‘Nobody Hears You’: Migrants, Refugees Beaten on Balkan Borders

Between May 2017 and May last year, NNK recorded 215 reported cases of push-backs by Croatian police to Serbia, of which 45 per cent involved physical violence.

Between May 2017 and December last year, there were 141 push-backs from Croatia to Bosnia, NNK reported, of which 84 per cent involved violence.

Switzerland Opens its Labor Market for Bulgarians

Switzerland opens its labor market for Bulgarians. Starting today (01.06), Bulgarians and Romanians will have complete freedom of movement, work and establishment in Switzerland. The only EU Member State whose citizens still have only limited access to the Swiss labor market remains Croatia.

Anti-Abortion Rallies Staged in Croatian Cities

Anti-abortion campaigners joined 'Walk for Life' rallies on Saturday in three of Croatia's cities, Zagreb, Split and Zadar.

Organisers said they wanted to stage a peaceful walk with a goal of "protecting the lives of unborn children - the most vulnerable minority in Croatia and providing support to every pregnant woman".

Croatia to Open Care Centres for War Veterans

The Croatian Veterans' Affairs Ministry and local authorities in the towns of Daruvar, Petrinja, Sinj and Sibenik signed agreements on Monday to set up new centres for people who fought in the 1991-95 war.

The centres in the four towns will provide care and assistance, basic physical rehabilitation and sporting, recreational and educational activities for Croatian veterans.

Croatia Veterans Threaten To Block Roads Over Asylum Centre

War Veterans in Croatia have warned they will set up road blocks if the government revives plans to locate a centre for asylum seekers in the small rural town of Petrina, about 60 kilometres southeast of Zagreb.

"We do not give up on our requests … If you do not meet them, we'll see you on the state roads on May 26, 2019," the War Veterans of Petrinja wrote on Thursday.

Croatian Unions Urge Minister to Quit over Pensions Adverts

Mladen Novosel, the chairman of the Union of Autonomous Trade Unions of Croatia, called on Tuesday for Labour Minister Marko Pavic to step down for "systematically telling untruths related to pension reform" via a series of televised advertisements.

Croatia’s Serbs Must Vote to ‘Preserve Their Rights’

Sunday's ethnic minority council polls in Croatia risk being overshadowed by the European Parliament elections - but Jelena Nestorovic of the Serbian National Council says Serbs must vote if they want to build a pluralistic society.

PM Dancila attends opening of business and trade forum on sidelines of 16+1 Dubrovnik Summit

Romania's Prime Minister Viorica Dancila on Friday participated in the opening of a business and trade forum in Dubrovnik, Croatia, on the side-lines of a summit of the heads of government of the Central and Eastern Europe - China 16 + 1 co-operation format, where a website of the 16+1 SME management co-ordination mechanism managed by Croatia was inaugurated.

‘They’ Exhibition Highlights Refugees’ Plight in Zagreb

The streets of the Croatian capital Zagreb on Monday are to host a photographic exhibition of four refugees currently living in Croatia called "Oni/They."

At each individual point, four portraits of one migrant by different photographers will be exhibited. The project is run under the auspices of UNHCR Croatia in collaboration with the Jesuit Refugee Service.

Croats Protests Against Violence to Women and Children

Supporters of the anti-domestic violence campaign "Save me" in Croatia protested on Saturday in three cities - Zagreb, Split and Dubrovnik - to "show solidarity with victims of violence and demand that the system adequately protect them", it said.

The movement began only two weeks ago with the start of a Facebook group that already counts more than 45,000 members.