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E-stores are inundated with orders

The penetration of e-stores in Greece has soared in the last year, with the share of the population that has shopped online rising from 21 percent at the end of 2019 to 44 percent in late March and early April - i.e.

Greek e-stores inundated with orders

The penetration of e-stores in Greece has soared in the last year, with the share of the population that has shopped online rising from 21 percent at the end of 2019 to 44 percent in late March and early April - i.e.

A valuable teaching opportunity

As people in Greece count their fourth stay-at-home week, they are starting to realize that the social distancing conditions may last longer than they had imagined. In this unprecedented situation, personal choice has a higher significance than governmental rules. The role of the individual as part of a group has never been more evident and more crucial.

Front-heavy pledges

Greece's leftist opposition is calling for growth-minded, or what is sometimes described as "front-heavy," measures to support the economy amid the coronavirus outbreak. 

However, at this point in time, no one quite knows what the starting point is in order to be able to define what lies before and what lies after, back and front.

Markets, member-states eagerly await comprehensive EU crisis plan from Eurogroup

Markets and all EU member-states, especially those in Southern Europe which like Greece seek some form of mutualisation of debt have been  focusing like a laser beam on today's Eurogroup meeting and analysts expect joint action to help prop up the economies of member states - possibly including even so-called coronabonds.

Cybercrime up in tandem with Covid-19

There has been a spike across Europe in cybercrime, including child pornography and financial scams, in tandem with the spread of Covid-19, according to a report by Europol, and Greece has also been impacted, albeit to a relatively far lesser degree than other countries.

Mobile network operators agree to free access to online classes

The government announced on Monday it had reached an agreement with Greece's main mobile network operators for free access to the virtual tools used for distance learning by schools during the pandemic. The deal with Cosmote, Vodafone and Wind goes into effect Tuesday.

Luxembourg to accept 12 unaccompanied children from Greece by next week

Luxembourg has agreed to relocate twelve unaccompanied refugee children from Greece by next week, Alternate Migration and Asylum Minister Giorgos Koumoutsakos said on Tuesday, after a phone call with the country's Foreign Minister, Jean Asselborn.

Greece striving to flatten curve by May

As Greece enters its third week in lockdown, the first glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel has appeared, according to government spokesman Stelios Petsas, who told reporters on Monday that it is up to the people to remain responsible.

"It's up to us if we are to enjoy the first results in May of our responsible attitude by staying home in April," he told reporters Monday.

Greece’s loans from the United Kingdom in 1824-25: Myths and truths

The yield on the 10-year Greek government bond has fallen recently below 1 percent, something which constitutes an achievement, especially after the financial crisis of the last decade, when the return on 10-year bonds reached 36.5 percent.

Two new deaths from Covid-19 in Greece, total number of infections at 1,832

Greece's Health Ministry announced on Tuesday two new deaths in the past 24 hours in the country which raised the total number to 81 since the start of the outbreak, while the great majority had underlying health issues and their average age was 74 years.

Editorial: The price of loosening pandemic measures

Everyone know that in football the match is over when the referee blows the whistle.

In the battle against the coronavirus pandemic we are still at the beginning and that is why any loosening of restrictive measures or complacency is impermissible.

Let us keep that in mind as officials discuss how and when the measures will be gradually lifted.

Hospital doctors, staff stage protests in Greece

Hospital doctors have staged protests around Greece to press demands for the government to hire additional medical staff and use more resources from the private sector.

Doctors and other staff members led the silent demonstrations Tuesday at the front entrance of Greece's largest hospital in central Athens, wearing surgical and protective gear.

Convincing my Swedish mother to use antiseptic gel

"Everyone's talking about the surgical masks," I tell my mom over the phone. It's February, a few days before the first confirmed cases of Covid-19 will appear in Greece, but there's already a debate going on: who should wear masks?