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End of the line

The economy is the hot-button issue that will determine the outcome of the next general elections in Greece.

The ruling leftist SYRIZA party appears to believe that the way to exercise economy is to appoint your cronies and voters to positions in the civil service, and to promise all sorts of handouts.

Speakers at New Democracy conference hit out at populism

Speakers at New Democracy's 12th conference over the weekend hit out against populism and hailed the party as the remedy for restoring Greece's tarnished image in Europe.

Former PM slams Tsipras over Prespes accord

Former conservative prime minister Antonis Samaras lambasted Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras on Saturday over the agreement signed between Greece and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) last June to resolve a long-standing dispute on the latter's name, saying it opens the door for more claims by the neighboring country.

Holocaust Memorial in Thessaloniki sprayed with Swastika

Unknown assailants spray-painted a black Swastika on the Holocaust Memorial on the northern port city of Thessaloniki's Eleftherias Square late on Friday or in the early hours of Saturday.

Weber: New Democracy's electoral win will sideline populists

The leader of the centre-right European People's Party in the European Parliament, Manfred Weber, expressed confidence in Conservative leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis on Saturday, saying an electoral win by New Democracy next year will "sideline populists" and restore Greece's credibility in Europe.

Appeal against name deal rejected

The Council of State on Friday rejected an appeal by a group of local and overseas Macedonian associations calling for the annulment of the Prespes name deal between Greece and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

The country's highest administrative court said the deal cannot be subjected to judicial review because it relates to foreign policy.

Facing Brexit's dead ends

British Prime Minister Theresa May, her counterparts from the other 27 European Union member-states and the presidents of EU institutions have been discussing the "political" aspects of Brexit since Thursday.

Mitsotakis says next elections will seal 'great political change'

Main opposition leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis on Friday said his party will unite Greeks and bridge differences created by the governing coalition, expressing confidence New Democracy will emerge victorious from next year's elections during a speech at the opening day of the party's conference.

Figurines | Thessaloniki | To December 31

Due to popular demand, "Figurines: A Microcosmos of Clay," at the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki, has been extended until the end of the year, closing on December 31. The exhibition brings together 672 idols from the collections of the museum and all of northern Greece's antiquity ephorates to showcase the evolution of the craft from prehistoric to late Roman times.

Zaev says he has confidence in Greek coalition to approve name deal

In the wake of a series of statements by Greece's junior coalition partner in which he threatened to resign over the Prespes name deal, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) Prime Minister Zoran Zaev on Friday expressed confidence that Greece's government will ratify the accord once it reaches the country's Parliament.

Post-WWII Greek-German ties in shipping explored in new book

A photograph taken in late March 1953 shows Aristotle Onassis and West Germany's then minister of finance, Ludwig Erhard, just before the launch of the Olympic Cloud tanker, the first ship built by AG Weser in Bremen after World War II.

Syrian freighter drug haul worth more than 100 mln euros

Greece has seized drugs worth more than 100 million euros ($113 million) after intercepting a Syrian ship sailing for Libya, the coast guard said on Friday.

Officials found about six tonnes of processed cannabis and 3 million super-strength "Captagon" amphetamine pills hidden aboard the Syrian-flagged "Noka", it said in a statement.

Bulgaria to Seek Binding Bids for New Gas Link by Jan 16

Bulgaria's state gas network operator Bulgartransgaz plans to seek binding bids from shippers by Jan 16 for a new gas link to transport mainly Russian gas from the TurkStream pipeline to central Europe, company documents showed on Thursday, reports Reuters.