Latest News from Greece

British fund takes over indebted firm Notos Com

Debt manager Pillarstone and British investment fund M&G have signed a deal for the latter to provisionally undertake Notos Com's loans worth 7 million euros.

Hotels trapped by sour credit from banks in liquidation

Tourism Minister Haris Theocharis made a public intervention on Wednesday regarding the bad loans of hoteliers in the portfolios of banks that are under liquidation, as this represents a major problem for the tourism domain.

Looking for true followers

Surely it is time for Greece's most affluent citizens to step up, not out of self-interest, but in order to help the country through this critical time. As it starts to recover from bankruptcy, the country finds itself with scant resources and huge needs in key areas.

A condemned dogma

The idea that rivals sometimes need to be put in jail so that a party can win an election has well and truly been condemned. Judgement on politicians, not least prime ministers, is passed when the ballots open. This was the case in the summer with Greece's previous premier.

The (new) Greek economic miracle

After a devastating decade-long crisis, the very idea of an economic miracle seems like a paradox. Yet it is something that was a reality for two decades in the aftermath of World War II, when the Greek economy was the second fastest-growing in the world, lagging only Japan, with an economic performance that was well above any other traditional economy in the global economic network.

Anti-fascist rally marking musician's killing held in Keratsini

An anti-fascist rally marking six years since the killing of a leftist musician by a member of the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn got underway in the district of Keratsini on Wednesday, headed by the victim's mother, Magda Fyssa.

The march will end at the offices of Golden Dawn in Piraeus.

National park reports deaths of two rare birds from wind turbines

Two rare species of birds of prey, a lesser spotted eagle and a black vulture, were killed in the region of southern Evros in northeastern Greece after flying into wind turbines, according to administrators of the Dadia-Lefkimi-Soufli Forest National Park.

Lucky Greece made every single point count

The men's national volleyball team secured the most unlikely of qualifications to the knockout stages of the European Championship on Wednesday, earning the ticket to the last 16 of the tournament having conceded just one point less than Portugal in a story that seemed taken straight out of a Jules Verne book.

European authorities crack down on illegal streaming platforms

Police launched dawn raids across Europe on Wednesday against suspected pay-TV pirates, seizing equipment and shutting down services they said were sold illegally to millions of viewers, Italian authorities said.

Blackstone to launch hotel buying spree

US investment fund Blackstone is set to carry out investments of 500 million euros in Greek hotel properties, starting in the next few days.

According to sources, the first acquisition in its Greek portfolio will concern units of a hotel chain with a significant presence in the Ionian and Aegean islands, in a transaction that is expected to come to almost 200 million euros.

Urgent child protection gap for unaccompanied minors

Zahra is a 10-year-old girl from Syria who arrived in Greece alone. She suffers from chronic nephropathy. Although she is currently living in a shelter for unaccompanied minors, her official registration by the Asylum Service is still pending.

Turkish UAVs a source of concern for Athens

Concerns are growing in Athens over Ankara's increasing use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in the Aegean - within Turkey's own flight information region - for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance purposes, but also over efforts by Turkey to deploy larger and more aggressive battle UAVs.

Editorial: The waste chaos in Epirus

For years Athens and half of Greece have been sinking in garbage because the competent local authorities and large segments of society have either reacted negatively or are indifferent to the need to resolve the problem.

Yesterday the PM visited Epirus and the first waste management plant that was created through a public-private partnership.

Pilobolus | Athens | October 18-20

The wildly popular American dance theater group Pilobolus returns to Greece next month with "Come to Your Senses," to be performed at the Galatsi Olympic Hall as part of the annual Christmas Theater program of cultural events. The show features Pilobolus classics alongside two new works, including its first-ever women's trio, and combines the arts of dance, video installation and theater.