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Oruc Reis reaches up to 7 miles off Kastellorizo

Turkey's research vessel Oruc Reis reached even up to 7 nautical miles off Greece's island of Kastellorizo late Thursday, before gradually moving outside the Greek continental shelf, Kathimerini understands.

Dendias calls for EU measures to contain Turkish aggression

Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias has once more called for EU measures to contain Turkey's "delinquent and provocative policy," stressing that "Europe cannot pretend that Turkey is acting as an acceptable player in the region."

Kids & Young People Film Fest | November 28 - December 5

A film festival dedicated to children and young people and the principles governing the United Nations, the Olympia returns in its 23rd edition with 90 entries - features, shorts and docs - from 47 countries, addressing universal issues like war, violence, racism and sexism.

Muslim burial site absent

The death of a 27-year-old Afghan asylum seeker at the Ritsona migrant camp on Evia has sparked fresh protestations over the absence of a Muslim cemetery in Greece except for Thrace, leading to bodies being left in mortuaries for lack of a viable alternative.

Drama hospital strains under influx of Covid-19 patients

The Drama General Hospital in northern Greece has reached capacity due to an influx of coronavirus patients, experts warned Friday,

Speaking on Skai TV, Ioannis Papadopoulos, who represents health care workers and employees at the hospital, said that only four beds are currently free at the hospital's coronavirus ward, out of a total of 140.

Turkey rejects European Parliament call for sanctions over Cyprus

Turkey on Friday rejected a call by the European Parliament for sanctions against Ankara over President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's recent visit to the breakaway Turkish Cypriot state in occupied north Cyprus, calling the demand "disconnected from the realities."

Greece puts faith in online schooling

There's just 10 minutes left to come up with a story using items scattered on the prep table: Leaves and ferns from the schoolyard, scissor-cut scraps of colored paper, a glue stick, and two hand puppets - a long-tailed squirrel and a blue hedgehog.

Keeping children in touch with school

Sofia Roboli records sign language lessons that are broadcast on public television, at an elementary school in Athens, Friday. Most other European countries have vowed to keep schools open, but the pandemic has hit Greece hard for the first time in recent weeks following a successful lockdown in the spring, overwhelming hospitals in parts of the country.

Big cash spent on pensions

Greece still has a long way to go until its social protection system evolves into an integrated apparatus for Greek citizens, a report by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Security (OECD) reveals. It shows that out of every 100 euros the state spends, about €62.70 goes to pensioners and just €15.30 is spent on handouts for the active population.

Editorial: The new coronavirus and immunity to the pain (of others)

The barrage of information regarding the SARS-CoV-2 epidemic, when and how the lockdown might be gradually lifted, and government assistance to businesses and individuals affected by the crisis appears to have overshadowed the tragic reality that over 1,000 lives have been lost.

Biden a great friend of Greece, says Dukakis

The 1988 Democratic US presidential nominee Michael Dukakis said in an interview on Thursday on Skai TV that President-elect Joe Biden is "a great friend of Greece and has always been." 

The Greek American said it was clear that the US will improve its ties with Europe and NATO. 

Covid-19 patients airlifted to Athens as ICU demand rises

Three coronavirus patients from the city of Drama in northern Greece were Thursday airlifted to Athens as ICU beds in the area reached full capacity. The Hellenic Air Force C130 Hercules military transport plane took off from Kavala airport and landed at Elefsina military airport.

Refugee trafficker jumped into Strymonas in bid to escape police

A 34-year-old people trafficker dived into the Strymonas River in an unsuccessful bid to elude police over the illegal transport of four refugees, including a minor, authorities said on Thursday.

The car he was driving was spotted by police on Wednesday afternoon on the old national road linking Thessaloniki to Kavala in northern Greece, in the region of Ofryni.