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Greece in the Indo-Pacific

The recent visit of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Athens opens a new chapter in bilateral relations which have been least-favoured for decades. Despite vast class inequalities and widespread poverty, India has emerged as a major power in the Indo-Pacific region.

ATHEX: Bourse reacts to four days of contraction

The Greek stock market reacted after four consecutive sessions of decline to post significant gains on Tuesday, and on notable trading volume too. Traders appear to have taken for granted that DBRS Morningstar will this Friday restore Greece's investment grade rating, and if that does not materialize the bourse will likely take a nosedive as of Monday.

Occupancy at new Costa Navarino unit exceeds expectations

The initial performance of the new Mandarin Oriental hotel at Costa Navarino is particularly satisfactory, says the head of the ultra-luxury hotel management chain in Greece, Raul Levis.

Off The Hook | Athens | September 8-9

The two-day Off The Hook festival dedicated to hip-hop culture returns on September 8-9. Prominent artists from Greece, Europe and the United States are set to converge for an unforgettable event that pays homage to the hip-hop scene. Slated to perform and Psycho Realm, Kool G Rap and Bloody Hawk, among many others. For tickets and details, visit Viva's


Floods in Greece: Authorities Warn to avoid Travel

Serious floods in Greece. One person died and hundreds of houses and roads were flooded in the central city of Volos.

The torrential rain and thunder in the area did not stop for 10 hours. On the island of Skiathos, the water swept away cars, flooded houses and hotels. In the Ilia district, hail destroyed the entire crop of the farmers.

One dead, one missing, in torrential rain

Torrential rains have flooded homes and roads in many parts of Greece and a man died after a wall collapsed in the bad weather, the fire brigade said on Tuesday.

Wildfires claim 60% of Evros’ olive trees

The environmental disaster created by the wildfires in Evros in northeastern Greece has by default also dealt a dizzying blow to the region's agricultural economy.

It is estimated that 130,000 olive trees, which amounts to 60% of the total 200,000, hundreds of beehives and thousands of productive animals, mainly sheep and goats but also cows, have been burnt.

Residents record flooding, destruction in Volos, Mount Pelion amid severe storm

Local residents and tourists in the city of Volos and Mount Pelion were posting photos and videos of the destruction caused by the severe thunderstorm sweeping central Greece since Monday night. 

One video filmed in the village of Agios Ioannis, in the eastern coast of Mount Pelio, showed a car being swept into the sea. 

Data highlight greedflation

Corporate profits accounted for 50% of Greece's GDP price deflator - the tool measuring the extent to which the economy's growth is due to price hikes - in the first quarter of 2023, a percentage that is the third highest among EU member-countries, according to the Greek market watchdog.

Turkish-Greek ties enter into a new, positive era: Fidan

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Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan has stressed that ties between Türkiye and Greece have entered into a new and positive era following the elections in both countries, informing that the two neighbors will work on a road map that envisages talks on resolving problems stemming in the Aegean Sea.

Turkish and Greek foreign ministers agree to revive talks and seek ‘new approaches’

Foreign Minister Giorgos Gerapetritis and his Turkish counterpart, Hakan Fidan, have agreed to revive high-level contacts between their countries and seek "new approaches" to problems as part of efforts to improve ties between the two NATO allies who are at loggerheads over a string of decades-old disputes.

‘Unreal’ levels of rain fell on Mount Pelion, expert says

Mount Pelion, a densely wooded mountain range in the prefecture of Magnesia, has seen "unreal" levels of rain as a heavy thunderstorm dubbed Daniel is sweeping through the region, the National Observatory of Athens' chief meteorologist said on Tuesday.

Police orders traffic ban in Magnesia as severe rainstorm triggers flooding

Greek police ordered vehicles off the streets of the central town of Volos and the nearby mountain region of Pilion on Tuesday as a severe storm hit the area, turning streets into flooded torrents.

The ban, which covers all except emergency services and roadside assistance vehicles, will remain in place until the storm subsides, police said.

One dead, houses flooded as torrential rain pounds Volos

One man was found dead and hundreds of houses and roads were flooded in the port city of Volos, in central Greece, on Tuesday morning, following 10 hours of thunderstorms in the wider region which are expected to persist for another 24 hours.