Latest News from Greece

Truck fire halts traffic on Egnatia Odos

A truck caught fire on Egnatia Odos between Igoumenitsa and Ioannina in northwestern Greece, leading to a road closure.

According to state broadcaster ERT, the driver and passenger escaped safely before the vehicle was engulfed in flames. The tractor unit was completely destroyed, though the truck was not carrying a trailer.

Greece deploys firefighting aircraft to Albania

Greece sent four firefighting aircraft to Albania on Tuesday and Wednesday to help combat a large forest fire in the south of the country.

The deployment was organized through the European Civil Protection Mechanism after Albania requested assistance. Greece provided two PZL planes on Tuesday and two Canadair CL-415 aircraft on Wednesday.

Greece climbs to second among RES markets

Greece is among the world's leading markets for renewable energy sources.

According to the latest edition of EY's six-month survey, Greece has improved its position among the leading markets for RES, rising from third to second place in EY's adjusted RES index, which looks at country performance adjusted according to the size of their gross domestic product.

Wildfires break out in Attica, Evros and Parga

Wildfires broke out in Attica, Evros, and Parga on Wednesday, prompting the fire service to dispatch firefighters and aircraft to multiple areas

A fire broke out in the Elefsina area of west Attica, burning low vegetation. Some 35 firefighters with 11 vehicles have been dispatched to the scene, while three helicopters are assisting from the air.

Buyers await the new MyHome program

Home sales have recently ground to a standstill in Greece, as a large number of would-be buyers await the announcement of the terms and conditions of the new MyHome program, through which part of the mortgage interest rate is subsidized.

PPC sends a strong message for equality and inclusion

The unique dance act “OUR Final Countdown” was presented for the first time by PPC, featuring Nikos Galis, during halftime of the Greek Men’s National Basketball Team’s game against the Dominican Republic at the 2024 Olympic Basket

Nikos Gatzogiannis: 40 Years After “Eleni,” I’m Still Waiting for an Apology for the Civil War

In 1984, “Eleni” divided Greece yet again, reigniting civil passions. The book, a product of extensive research and based on hundreds of verified testimonies, tells the true story of Eleni Gatzogianni from Lia, Epirus. Eleni, a simple village woman, became a universal legend due to the immense success of the book written about her tragic fate by her son, Nikos Gatzogiannis.

Crisis on the Islands: Greece Battles Water Shortages Amid Tourist Boom

Greece's famed islands are grappling with a water crisis just as they brace for a surge in tourist arrivals during peak season. On Naxos, the largest reservoir has dried up completely, now serving only as a refuge for turtles navigating its muddy shallows.

A triple stress test for Europe

During the global financial crisis of 2007-9, the US government and the Federal Reserve subjected US banks to a stress test. The idea was to test banks in severe - but hypothetical - recession scenarios in which they would have to show they were adequately capitalized, thereby restoring the confidence of depositors and investors.

Bullying in plain view

Perhaps the "how" now matters more than the "what." After all, we have all repeatedly watched the video. A fuming Lefteris Avgenakis moves against the airport employee and, with violent, aggressive gestures, snatches the phone from his hands to prove something amid their dispute over the politician's boarding.