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Jurij Subic Tribute | Athens | To January 14

The Numismatic Museum pays tribute to Jurij Subic, the Slovenian painter invited to do the murals and ceiling paintings of the Ilion Melathron by Ernst Ziller, who had designed the mansion, and German archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann, who was to live there, in December 1879.

A friendship built on close ties

Kathimerini met with Vladimir Yakunin, a doctor of political science and chairman of the Dialogue of Civilizations Research Institute, in October at the Rhodes Forum, which has been taking place annually since 2002 under his leadership.

FYROM parliament vote on final amendments seen on Jan 15

A vote by lawmakers in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) on the final amendments to revise the constitution in accordance with the Prespes accord signed with Greece is expected to be held on January 15, House speaker Talat Xhaferi said Monday.

He said that the parliamentary committees tasked with reviewing the final amendments will convene as of December 17.

Bulgarian Minister Touches Raw Nerve in Macedonia

Macedonia has signed a friendship agreement with Bulgaria and intends to honour it, Macedonia's Foreign Ministry has said, after the Bulgarian Defence Minister, Krasimir Karakachanov, disputed the existence of the Macedonian language at the weekend.

Europol officers to help in Evros

Europol officers with expertise in counterterrorism and curbing organized crime are to be sent to locations in Evros, northern Greece, and regional airports in the coming months to intensify inspections on undocumented migrants entering the country from the land border with Turkey and gather information on crime networks, Kathimerini understands.


A United Nations conference adopted a migration pact in front of leaders and representatives from around 150 countries in Morocco on Monday, despite a string of withdrawals driven by anti-immigrant populism.

Doctors, medical staff to stage work stoppage on Monday

Hospital doctors and medical staff will walk off the job from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Monday, following a call to action by the Federation of Hospital Doctors of Greece and the national union of public hospital workers.

Unionists' demands include permanent hirings, the employment of support staff and wage increases.

Unfavorable climate in the EU

Government officials are very pleased because they no longer feel the tight grip of the fiscal straitjacket imposed on them by Greece's creditors. They can comfortably spend, appoint civil servants and revoke painful reforms. They are fully focused on the next general elections.

No room for mistakes

In 2015 frustration spurred Greeks to vote for a party that vowed to turn things upside down with a supposedly heroic renegotiation of the bailout agreements with the country's foreign lenders and partners. But SYRIZA repeated all the bad habits that led Greece to default: nepotism, corruption, misguided handouts, mass hirings, interference in institutions and reliance on party acolytes.

Foreign firms niche in on Greek property

An international network promoting Greek apartments and holiday homes in select countries has started developing over the last few months, as a result of the growing demand by foreign investors for properties in Greece.

Qatar eager to grow business ties with Greece

Qatar is planning an economic and diplomatic overture to Greece as part of its new extrovert policy following its economic isolation by other states in the Gulf region.