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Law on Freedom of Religion in Montenegro enters into force

The law provides for the state to take over the property of the Orthodox Church in Serbia (SPC), that is, its churches and monasteries.
According to this law, after 800 years of existence, the SPC religious community in Montenegro as of today, experts say, has no longer any legal entity status, and its property is treated as property without owner.

Montenegro Braces for Tension as Religion Law Takes Force

Montenegro's controversial new religion law came into effect on Tuesday, and gives the Property Directorate a year - until January 8, 2021 - to compile a register of all religious sites in the country.

Serbian Church Supporters in Montenegro Flock to Christmas Services

As Orthodox Christians celebrated Christmas Eve on Monday, tens of thousands of Serbian Orthodox priests, bishops and believers attended services and burned traditional Yule logs in the old capital of Cetinje and the current capital Podgorica.

Police cordon dividing two yule log lighting ceremonies in Cetinje, within 100 meters

Representatives of the Metropolitanate laid a yule log in front of the Cetinje Monastery in the presence of a large number of citizens and believers, including Serbia's Ambassador to Montenegro Vladimir Bozovic and businessman Miodrag Daka Davidovic.
Strong police forces were set up between the two groups of the faithful.

Montenegro Holds Journalist for Stirring ‘Panic’ Over Kosovo Intervention

A media union has demanded the release of journalist Andjela Djikanovic, who was put in detention for 72 hours for "causing panic and disorder", after claiming in an article that the government might call on security forces in neighbouring Kosovo to help quell protests over a new religion law.

Serbian Patriarch Irinej urges authorities in Montenegro to "come to their senses"

In an interview for daily "Kurir", he at the same time called on the authorities in Montenegro to "reason and come to their senses", expressing the hope that reason would overcome the problems and that the Serbian Orthodox Church (SPC) holy places would not be seized in that country.

Montenegro’s DPS to Play Identity Card in 2020 Election

Montenegro's ruling party has little to boast of on the domestic front, so will seek to fight this year's parliamentary election on the tried and trusted campaign issue of identity, analysts say.

Vucic: I'm not going to Montenegro VIDEO

Vucic recalled that 28.73 percent of Serbs and less than 45 percent of Montenegrins officially live in Montenegro, referring to "the intention of part of the Podgorica regime".

Serbian Ambassador refused to receive a protest note from Montenegro

According to the Montenegrin Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Bozovic was summoned to this Ministry's office to be served with a protest note over alleged events in front of the Montenegrin Embassy in Belgrade and last night's attempt to set the Montenegrin flag on fire.

Montenegro Religion Law Protests Spread Around Serbia

Following mass protests by ethnic Serbs in Montenegro against the recently adopted Law on Religious Freedom, which they say targets the assets of the Serbian Orthodox Church, agitation against the law has spread to neighbouring Serbia.

"Another uncivilized attack in Belgrade"

Montenegrin Prime Minister Dusko Markovic said it was "another uncivilized attack on the Montenegrin Embassy and the Montenegrin flag".

Vucic: The Montenegrin Prime Minister is telling notorious lies

He added that Montenegrin Prime Minister Dusko Markovic had been notoriously untruthful about the event, as well as when he said that Montenegro's independence was threatened.
Vucic also said that Montenegro does not have to protect its independence, because it is not threaten by anyone, but also that it cannot take Serbian holy places.