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Cyber Attacks Hit Romanian Government Websites

Romania's government announced a series of cyberattacks on websites of key public institutions, including the government and the Defence Ministry, on Friday.

NY Times: Bulgaria has Supplied Weapons to Ukraine through an American Company

Bulgaria and five other countries sell Soviet weapons and ammunition to Ukraine through the US company Ultra Defense Corp., based in Tampa, Florida, according to an analysis by the New York Times. The company works with arms factories in Bulgaria, Romania, Bosnia, Serbia, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, which provide the so-called "non-standard ammunition".

Energy exec Robert Golob next new face tipped for PM (bio)

Ljubljana – Slovenia’s potential new prime minister, Robert Golob has made a successful career for himself as an energy executive before returning to politics as a new name just in time for the general election in a manner the country has become well used to since his one-time party boss, Zoran Janković, first made such an attempt.

Close election predicted as Slovenia heads to the polls (background)

Ljubljana – Slovenian voters will head to the polls on Sunday in an election that analysts say will determine whether Slovenia continues on the conservative path paved by the Janez Janša government over the last two years, or takes a more leftist turn under newcomer Robert Golob and parties that are currently in opposition. Polls show everything is still open.

Final election debate on public TV goes awry

Ljubljana – The final debate of the election campaign hosted by the public broadcaster TV Slovenija last night ended in disarray after the host lost control of debate and opposition leaders walked out of the studio one by one after having their say.

Turkish chains eyeing to open branches abroad

With an aim to establish their local success on institutionalization in international arena, famous Turkish food and beverage chains have rolled up their sleeves to open new branches abroad and flourish Turkish cuisine globally.

Janša highlights govt record at party convention

Medvode – Prime Minister Janez Janša, the leader of the Democrats (SDS), highlighted his party’s track record in government and its stimulus policies, and rebuked the opposition, as he addressed SDS members at a convention on Tuesday, the party’s last major event before polling day.

MP: Ukrainians say they received Bulgarian Weapons but our Government says otherwise

Atanas Atanasov, co-chairman of "Democratic Bulgaria" (DB), described as "hypocrisy" the fact that Bulgaria declares that it does not export weapons to Ukraine, and at the same time "according to publications in authoritative Ukrainian publications, Bulgarian products from the military-industrial complex are on the 4th place of supply for the country invaded by Russia."

They Have Fled to Safety But Ukraine’s Youngest Are Not Fine

The 36-year-old beautician and her daughter fled Zaporizhzhia, in south-eastern Ukraine, in early March, after a bomb blast shattered all the windows of their apartment. Around the time they were leaving, a Russian air strike set the city's nuclear plant - which is also Europe's largest - on fire, stoking fears of a nuclear disaster.

Swiatek powers Poland to BJK Cup finals, Czechs top Britain

New No. 1 Iga Swiatek powered Poland into the Billie Jean King Cup Finals for the first time and they were joined by other newcomers Italy and Kazakhstan.

Other winners included old hands the Czech Republic, six-time winners since 2011, Spain, Canada and the United States.

The United States and Ukraine were 2-2 and playing a decisive doubles in their qualifier in Asheville.

Italy closes ports to Russian ships

Romania also previously announced a decision to ban Russian-flagged ships from entering Romanian ports from April 17

Romania to give its modernized MiGs to Ukraine

Ukraine is frantically looking for fighter jets against Russia's invasion, and its pilots are literally begging for more planes. News from Romania could provide a partial solution, though perhaps not ideal, to the shortage of fighter jets in Ukraine, according to The Drive.