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America’s Never Been Less Likely to Help the Balkans

Twenty years on, the situation in the region looks bleaker. A glance at the state of play in the countries from the Balkans confirms this. Kosovo faces further political turbulence after its Constitutional Court ruled that a new government can be formed without holding early elections first.

Opinions Split over Legality and Effect of Kosovo’s Reciprocity Measures

Reciprocity replaces 100 pct tariff

Under Saturday's decision, Kosovo's Food and Veterinary Agency is now obliged to use the emblem and name 'Republic of Kosovo' on all sanitary and veterinary certificates, while economic operators from Serbia must now obtain an entry permit from Kosovo's Liaison Office in Serbia for each vehicle transporting goods entering Kosovo.

The Serbian Philanthropy Forum and B92 Fund greatly contributed in fighting COVID-19

Along with the engagement of the membership and the entire philanthropic community since March 2020, in cooperation with B92 Fund, the amount close to 190 million dinars have been raised, as well as over 10 million dinars in goods, to support the health care system of the Republic of Serbia.

Lajcak intends to renew the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina in June

That could happen as early as June.
Lajcak presented this intention to the diplomatic representatives of the EU member states at the meeting of the EU Political and Security Committee, where he once again received strong formal support to resume the dialogue on the normalization of relations between the so-called Kosovo and Serbia.

One person died, 24 newly infected in Serbia

A total of 11.454 confirmed cases of COVID-19 were registered in the Republic of Serbia by 3 pm on June 2, 2020. Samples of 4.372 persons were tested since the last report, of which 24 were positive.
By 3 pm in the Republic of Serbia, a total of 252.132 persons who met the criteria for defining a case were tested.

Who said what about the case of "politician pedophile"

On that occasion, as a guest on the morning program of TV Prva, he was asked whether that politician would participate in the election campaign and promise a better life for all of us. His answer was affirmative.

Serbia Tries Bosnian Ex-Soldier for Crimes Against Prisoners

The trial of former soldier Osman Osmanovic opened at Belgrade Higher Court on Monday with the defendant pleading not guilty to charges of abusing civilians and prisoners of war held at the Rasadnik camp in Gornji Rahic in Bosnia and Herzegovina's Brcko area during the summer of 1992.

"What Nestorovic said is not true"; Tiodorovic in favor of lifting all restrictions

"We should ease all the measures immediately, so that there are no more restrictions. Let all sports events, all manifestations be held normally... Well, today, students should also go to school, although only those who would like to improve their grades. Only with concerts, we'll have to wait until June 15. The whole world is doing that. Let people live normally.

Grenell resigned

"Today I officially resigned from the State Department. And President Trump presented me with a going away gift," Grenell announced on social networks.
Grenell did not resign as an envoy in the dialogue on Kosovo.

After the Flood, Serbian Villages Left to the Mercy of a River

On the morning of June 3 last year, village head Djordje Matijasevic stood on the riverbank. It was raining heavily.

In nearby Guca, where hundreds of thousands of revellers gather for a raucous trumpet festival every August, the river at around 6 a.m. was 65 cm high. Three hours later it stood at 2.29 metres and by midday the water had risen to 4.40 metres. 

Media: Empty border crossings from Serbia to Montenegro, many additional dilemmas

The Jabuka border crossing between Serbia and Montenegro has been almost deserted since this morning, according to an RTS reporter.
Montenegro has opened all borders with neighboring countries and Serbia since midnight, but Serbia is still not on the list of countries whose citizens can enter without quarantine or a PC test.

At the request of N1, REM banned the SNS election video

It is a video in which the leader of the Serbian Progressive Party, Aleksandar Vucic, and a six-year-old girl appear.
According to the "Informer", the decision was made with five votes "for" and four votes against it.
With this decision, REM ordered that the broadcasting of the "disputed" SNS video be stopped within 24 hours.