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"This is a state of war - the sooner we understand, the fewer casualties we'll face"

"In fact, what is happening in Serbia, which introduced curfew yesterday, the situation in Bansko (Bulgarian resort), the situation in Italy and Spain, where police through speakers call people to return home - this is a state of war," Geshev said for Nova TV.
The Chief Prosecutor urged the public to understand that the country is actually at war for the survival of its citizens.

72 People Infected with COVID-19 in Serbia

New 7 coronavirus infected persons registered in Serbia today.

The total number of those infected with COVID-19 IS already 72, Belgrade's health ministry said.

39 people were tested, 7 of the samples were positive and 32 were negative.

Serbia Restricts Movement for Migrants, Asylum-Seekers

The Serbian government ordered on Monday that migrants and asylum-seekers living in state-run reception centres are not allowed to go out without special permission.

Message from China: We will stand firmly with Serbia

The Global Times posted on Twitter a message from a spokesman for the Chinese minister, saying that China would stand firm with Serbia and send all necessary assistance.

Brnabic: More drastic measures may be introduced tonight

Brnabic said that a large number of citizens yesterday did not take the government's recommendations and measures seriously, and added that it seems that the situation is better today, but that it is not nearly good enough.
"I do not rule out the possibility that tonight we will decide on more drastic, most difficult measures, especially for the elderly," Brnabic said.

Video meeting between Vucic and Merkel postponed

The reason, as Tanjug unofficially learns, is a telephone summit of EU leaders taking place over a coronavirus pandemic.
Vucic has said earlier that the main topics of talks will be the continuation of dialogue with Pristina and, in particular, the new situation following the outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic.

Minister of Education: Starting tomorrow, classes for elementary students will begin

He pointed out to TV Pink that in a short time they were able to record a quality school program, which is a simulation of regular teaching in schools.
"The primary school is covered. The program starts tomorrow and will run every weekday from 8 am to 6 pm. Half-hour lessons are prepared", the minister said.

Serbia Imposes State of Emergency, Pleads for China’s Help

President Aleksandar Vucic told a press conference on Sunday evening that he has sent a letter to his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping asking for help after the EU imposed limits on exports of medical equipment amid the coronavirus crisis.

Serbia Closed its Borders and Introduced a State of Emergency because of COVID-19

Serbia closed its borders last night and declared a state of emergency. This is also the case in Romania today.

Greece has banned cruise ships from entering ports and terminated its transport links with Spain, Italy, Albania and Northern Macedonia, which in turn mobilized all available medical personnel.

"Don't make us impose a curfew" VIDEO

"As of this morning, we have five new cases, a total of 55. Of those, 28 are under home treatment while two are in serious condition and on a respirator," Brnabic told TV Prva.
She thanked overall medical staff and experts in Serbia.

Seven new cases, 55 in total

Thus, by March 8, 2020, the number of cases registered had risen to 55.
From last report to 8 p.m., on March 16, 2020, 18 samples were tested, 7 of which were positive and 11 negative for the new coronavirus.
Three people are in home isolation with a lighter clinical picture, while four people are kept in hospital without any complications, with stable general condition.

Kon on TV B92: The virus does not weaken by passing through human bodies

"If, on these first days, we had an average of five, six patients a day, and if we did not 'jump' to double or triple numbers in one day in the second week, we came to the desired result in the first two weeks", Predrag Kon said for a show "Review" on TV B92.