Latest News from Serbia

Thaci to Quit Kosovo Politics Once Presidential Term Ends

After more than 20 years spent in Kosovo's political arena, President Hashim Thaci on Thursday announced that he will no longer be involved in politics once his mandate ends in April next year.

Turkey Reopens Traffic to Foreign Citizens, Greece - 7-Day Quarantine until June 15

Turkey has reopened traffic  to foreign citizens travelling in cars, vans and buses. Outbound freight traffic from Bulgaria at Lesovo border checkpoint is heavy, and normal at Kapitan Andreevo.

As of 15 June, 2020, at the border with Greece, citizens of EU countries are subject to a 7-day quarantine upon entry into the country at an address indicated by them. 

Vucic: The recognition of Kosovo is not on the agenda

"We are ready to negotiate, but ... there is no white flag," Vucic said in an interview with Reuters.
According to him, dialogue is welcome if it is a dialogue, in which it would be considered what is possible and what is a compromise.

Bosnian Serb Ex-Officer Goes on Trial for Village Attack

The trial of Mile Ujic, who is accused of persecuting Bosniak civilians during a widespread and systematic attack in the Rogatica area, opened at the Bosnian state court in Sarajevo on Thursday.

Serbian Court Urged to Convict Bosnian War Prison Commander

Serbia's war crimes prosecutor said in his closing statement to Belgrade Higher Court on Thursday that all the evidence showed that Husein Mujanovic was guilty of abusing Serbs held at a wartime prison that he commanded in Hrasnica.

Prosecutor Mioljub Vitorovic said the evidence "indisputably established that Husein Mujanovic committed the criminal act with which he is charged".

EU proposes opening of external borders from July

The European Commission has proposed to gradually lift travel ban from July 1 for non-EU citizens coming from countries where the epidemiological situation is the same or better than that in the EU.

The detailed list will be announced later, Ylva Johansson, EU commissioner for home affairs, told reporters on June 11.

Week in Review: Dull Elections and Shaky Governments

Dull Race

Serbia is heading into a Parliamentary election on June 21, yet there has rarely been less excitement or political fervour around it. Perhaps hardly surprising given that there is even less doubt than usual as to who the winner will be, or indeed prospect for any change.

Vucic proposed cancellation of all SNS pre-election rallies

The proposal includes a large gathering in Novi Sad and a final rally in Nis.
The reason is the health of the citizens, because President Vucic did not want to endanger the condition of the population in any way, especially because a large number of people are expected at the pre-election rallies of the largest party in Serbia.

One person died, 66 newly infected with coronavirus in Serbia

In the last 24 hours, 5.015 people were tested, and coronavirus was detected in 66 of them. 432 cases are active, and 14 patients are on respirators.
Since the beginning of the epidemic in Serbia, 251 people have lost the fight with COVID-19.

Teddy Bear Bomb in Libya Linked to Serbian Arms Violations

When supporters of Libya's United Nations-recognised government took to the streets of Tripoli last week to celebrate the retreat of a renegade general, alongside the Libyan flags they carried was a large white teddy bear with a pink nose.

Kosovo Speaker Rejects President’s Accusations About ‘Collaborator’ Father

Kosovo parliament speaker Vjosa Osmani has reacted with fury to claims that her family once worked for the Serbian police when the country was under Yugoslav rule, after President Hashim Thaci repeated the allegation on Tuesday.

"Tonight, the snake tried to bite the honour of my family," Osmani wrote on Facebook, referring to Thaci by his wartime nickname of "The Snake".