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Prime Minister Brnabic on the results in the first 100 days of the government VIDEO

"In the field of combating coronavirus, we opened two hospitals in Belgrade and Krusevac. We are one of only two or three countries that managed something like this. Those hospitals arrived at the moment when it was most needed. Thanks to them, we saved hundreds of lives. We have started mass immunization of citizens", she said.

In Serbia, almost 2.000 newly infected, 14 people died

11.854 people were tested.
There are currently 3.987 patients in hospitals and 126 on respirators.
Since the outbreak of the epidemic, 404.668 cases of coronavirus have been registered in Serbia. As a result of COVID-19, 4.099 people died.
Mass vaccination is underway, and so far 516.650 people have been vaccinated, while 20.633 have been revaccinated.

New session of the Crisis Staff scheduled: Decisions on new measures?

The members of the staff will meet at the Palace of Serbia at 10 o'clock.
Allegedly, the medical part of the Crisis Staff rejects any possibility of easing anti-epidemic measures.
Just to reiterate, previous session of the Crisis Staff was held last Friday.

Yugoslav Army General Convicted of Spying for US

Belgrade Higher Court on Friday sentenced Momcilo Perisic, the former chief of staff of the Yugoslav Army and a former deputy prime minister of Serbia, to three years in prison time for passing state secrets to the United States in 2002.

Six Plead Not Guilty to Kosovo Serb Politician Ivanovic’s Murder

Six suspects accused of involvement in the murder of Kosovo Serb politician Oliver Ivanovic, the leader of the Freedom, Democracy, Justice party, was gunned down outside his office in January 2018, pleaded not guilty at Pristina Basic Court on Friday.

AFP: The small Balkan country Serbia

The small Balkan country has inoculated more than 450,000 of its population of seven million in almost two weeks, a rate that exceeds all other states in Europe apart from Britain, according to the scientific publication Our World in Data.

"Serbia prepares Kosovo battle in Niksic"

The President of Serbia, as he states, "by appropriating the Montenegrin history" wants to bridge the missing part of the history of Serbia.

Serb Chetniks’ Links to War Criminals and Extremists Uncovered

But even though inter-ethnic relations remain highly sensitive, members of Chetnik associations from Bosnia and Serbia who participate in these events did not face any consequences for staging their rowdy celebrations and singing nationalist songs that seem to threaten bloodshed until last year.

More than 1.800 newly infected, 14 people died

In the last 24 hours, 12.047 people were tested.
There are 138 people on respirators.
Since the outbreak of the pandemic, 402.700 people have fallen ill with COVID-19 in Serbia, and 4.085 have died.
A total of 2.664.142 people were tested for coronavirus in Serbia by 3 p.m.

Djerlek: It is still early to ease measures

Serbia Turns on Crime Gang Once Known for Official Ties

Members of special police units in Belgrade, Serbia. EPA-EFE/KOCA SULEJMANOVIC

"We will not allow extortion groups that think they are stronger than the state. Thanks to the Prosecutor's Office for Organized Crime, we can say Serbia is a better and safer place," he told the media.

A precedent before the Australian Open - organizers are changing the rules

There are many questions and uncertainties due to the new situation, caused by the "intrusion" of the coronavirus into the hotel where the tennis players are staying.
Organizers are "pushing" for the first Grand Slam of the season, and tournaments that serve as a warm-up are in jeopardy.

Abandoned Romanian Mansion Becomes ‘Base Camp’ for Afghans Heading West

"One month ago, they caught me trying to cross to Croatia on foot and sent me back to Serbia, from where I crossed to Romania," said one of the Afghans, who declined to give his name.

Speaking in a corridor strewn with rubbish, the man said he had been assaulted by Croatian police. Serbia and Romania, on the other hand, "are good," he told BIRN.