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Parastate terrorizes and persecutes the Serb List, only 'Serbia' is a forbidden word

He stated that in this way they would thwart the attempts to manipulate the Serbian electoral will.
n a statement to RTS, Vucic said that the Serb List was experiencing real political terror and persecution, organized by the organs of the so-called parastate, supported by some in the international community.

Haradinaj: I did not want the news to be conveyed to Vucic

"Tariff is an instrument for creating a balanced value for recognition, we need to empower it in order to get to the exchange of recognitions. It is a great anomaly that Serbia requests something. It had to be the opposite, we should request recognition of independence, along with the apology or compensation of damages", Haradinaj said.

Media: Washington appalled by Haradinaj's attempt to pay for meeting appointments

The reason was, reportedly, emails received by the National Security Council from the office of the then Prime Minister of Kosovo Ramush Haradinaj and the company he had paid to lobby for him. Such a move, unprecedented in US diplomatic practice, required a sharp response from US officials.

Serbian volleyball players celebrate gold: "Oh, Kosovo, Kosovo ..." VIDEO

The men's volleyball Serbia's national team won the European Championship after beating Slovenia 3-1, thus becoming European Volleyball Champion for the third time.
Players selected by national coach Slobodan Kovac played wonderfully and triumphed on every match on the Championship, keeping their best performance for the finals.

Bosnia Risks Being Drawn Into Rivals’ Power Games

Yet some experts, officials and diplomats say future elections are almost irrelevant while local leaders continue to block the system, playing their lose-lose games.

To make matters worse, Bosnia's unfolding political drama is increasingly intertwined with other regional and international disputes, especially with the tensions between Serbia and Kosovo.

Slovenia win another EuroVolley silver as they lose to Serbia

After making an improbable run in the home arena in Ljubljana, beating the European champions Russia and world champions Poland in the process, Slovenia had to concede to Serbia even though they won the first set.

Serbia is European Champion!

Selected players of the coach Slobodan Kovac triumphed in the crowded Paris "Bercy", by sets 19:25, 25:16, 25:18, 25:20.
This is the third gold medal for our selection in the Continental Championships.
On the way to the title without a single defeat, Serbia was led by Aleksandar Atanasijevic, scoring 22 points.

NSI: A Record Number of Foreigners Visited Bulgaria in August

In August 2019, the number of trips of Bulgarian citizens abroad decreased slightly from the record high in July, but the visits of foreigners to our country reached a new historical peak, data from the National Statistical Institute (NSI) show.

Serbian Capital to Honour US President Woodrow Wilson

Serbia's capital plans to erect a monument to Woodrow Wilson, the US President during World War I, Belgrade City Council decided on Friday.

This is final confirmation of a decision made by City's Commission for Monuments and Names of Squares and Streets last week.

More than 750,000 Bulgarians Traveled Abroad in August

In August, 755.4 thousand Bulgarians traveled abroad, which is 2.5% more than in the same month of 2018, according to data from the National Statistical Institute (NSI).

FIFA Backing for ‘Illegal’ Match Angers Kosovo Football Chief

The Kosovo Football Federation, FFK, has expressed fury over a letter from the world football body FIFA, calling on it to lift a ban on a planned match that it insists is "illegal" in the Serb-run north of Kosovo.

Haradinaj: Vucic demands 950 square kilometres of Kosovo territory

As KoSSev reports, he said that Serbia requested 950 square kilometers of Kosovo territory.
"Serbia asked for 950 square kilometers. Precisely. But the issue of division is not on the table any more, as things moved forward. Vucic is still advocating partition, they are doing their job," Haradinaj said.