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What is G7's message to Belgrade and Pristina?

"We call on Kosovo and Serbia to engage constructively and normalize their relations completely through a comprehensive and legally binding agreement, so that they can advance on their European path," said a joint communique at the end of the G7 summit held on Friday and Saturday in France

Pristina panelist warned not to call Kosovo "a state"

Kosovo and Metohija is an autonomous province of Serbia and the term "state of Kosovo" is unacceptable, the official of the Serbian government - which as organizer of the summit - told Spend Lila, who had previously received two warnings for the same reason.

"Some evil is being prepared for Serbs in Kosovo"

In his view, Pristina authorities, with the support of their foreign mentors, are planning to "round off their sovereignty in the whole territory of Kosovo and Metohija."

CPJ welcomes convictions in murder of Curuvija

Curuvija was the owner of the mass-circulation Dnevni Telegraf, Serbia's first private daily, and the weekly magazine Evropljanin, independent regional news website Balkan Insight reported, the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) said in a press release the same day.

Greece ends up seventh at FINA World League Europa Cup

Greece earned the seventh spot at the men's 2019 FINA Water Polo World League Europa Cup in Zagreb thanks to its victory over Russia on Sunday, after it missed out on a better place due to losses to Croatia and Serbia.

In Friday's quarterfinals Greece went down to host Croatia 13-11 and on Saturday Greece lost 14-10 to Serbia although it had held the Serbs to an 8-8 half-time result.

Serbian Border Officials Detained a Bulgarian with 22 kg of Heroin

Bulgarians are detained with nearly 22 kg of heroin in Serbia.

The drug is found in a Volkswagen car brand with a Bulgarian registration at the Batrovtsi border crossing between Croatia and Serbia.

In an inspection of the car, Serbian border guards have found a total of 40 packages.
The Bulgarian is detained for 48 hours.

Pacolli unhappy with treatment of Pristina delegation

The delegation participated in the Digital Summit of the Western Balkans held in the capital this week. Pacolli accused Serbia of "destructiveness and aggression," Pristina-based Albanian language daily Koha is reporting on Friday.

Rome: Serbs and Italians as victims of NATO bombs

The participants in the event, which was also attended by a Serbian delegation, said that it was time to hear the truth, and that NATO should never again use depleted uranium - as it had done during the 78-day bombing of Serbia in 1999.

"Battle for supremacy over Europe to be decided in Kosovo"

For Germany, Kosovo is an independent state and there is no further discussion on the subject of border change, Blic says, and reminds its readers that German parliamentarians Peter Beyer and Christian Schmitd conveyed this message to Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic two days ago.

Western Balkan Countries Have Agreed to Reduce Their Roaming Prices

The plan is for roaming to drop completely by 2021, reported NOVA TV. 

The countries of the Western Balkans have agreed to reduce and possibly abolish their roaming charges. Starting in July, the deal will cut prices by 27% in Kosovo, Serbia, Albania, Montenegro, northern Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Tsipras, Rama discuss Albania’s EU course, seizure of Greek properties in Himara

Less than a week after Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras warned Albania that Tirana's moves to seize seaside properties of members of the Greek minority in the city of Himara will hinder Tirana's EU course, Tsipras discussed the issue in a telephone conversation with his Albanian counterpart, Edi Rama, today.

Work on regional connectivity continues - PM

Brnabic said that her government has set digitization and education as their absolute priorities in order to take advantage of all the chances that are being offered to us today.