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Serbian gendarme detained by Pristina's police released after questioning

KOSOVSKA MITROVICA - A member of the Serbian Gendarmerie who was detained at the Jarinje administrative crossing on Friday has been released from a police station in the south of Kosovska Mitrovica after several hours of questioning, the regional deputy chief of the so-called Kosovo Police told Tanjug.

Dacic, Albares discuss Serbia's further steps on EU path

BELGRADE - Serbian FM Ivica Dacic and his Spanish counterpart Jose Manuel Albares on Friday discussed bilateral relations and Serbia's EU path.

In a post on the social media network X, the Serbian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said Dacic had had a telephone conversation with Albares to discuss "Serbia-Spain relations and Serbia's further steps on the path to the EU."

Drecun: UNSCR 1244 is still alive

BELGRADE - The opportunity for Serbia to present the facts and explain the dramatic nature of the situation in Kosovo-Metohija is where the greatest significance of Thursday's UN Security Council session lies, says Milovan Drecun, outgoing head of the Serbian parliamentary committee on Kosovo-Metohija.

Vojvodina provincial assembly constituted

NOVI SAD - The new assembly of Serbia's Vojvodina province was constituted on Friday after the mandates of all its 120 members were approved.

The constitutive session was chaired by the oldest member of the assembly, Miroslav Spanovic.

Vucic: Serbia is no one's puppet, but independent, sovereign, freedom-loving country

NEW YORK - Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said in the UN Security Council on Thursday evening Serbia was no one's puppet, but an independent, sovereign and freedom-loving country.

He said this at the end of the UN body's special session on Kosovo-Metohija, in response to a speech by Pristina's PM Albin Kurti.

Albanians acknowledge Vučić's victory: Kurti was defeated in front of the whole world

The member of the Presidency of the Democratic Party of Kosovo, Besa Kabashi-Ramaj, has said that Serbia has superiority in the United Nations where the session of the UN Security Council is being held, called by the Serbian president, Aleksandar Vucic.
Kabashi-Ramaj said that Serbia has superiority in the UN since it is a member and Kosovo is not yet.

"Vučić showed how one should fight for Serbia, the opposition fought against Serbia"

The Prime Minister of Serbia stated that Vui proved for the first time in front of the whole world that everything that Albin Kurti is doing in Kosovo and Metohija is a crime against humanity. On the occasion of the resolution of the European Parliament, Brnabi said that the opposition is fighting to abolish what our ancestors died for more than a century ago.

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin created chaos - millions of people in one hour

In the interview, Putin said, among other things, that he has no intention of attacking Poland, and that starting a global war is against common sense.
He added that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, after winning the presidential elections in 2019, should have "led Ukraine towards peace", but then he changed his decision.

"The absolute truth has been presented to the world" ​

As they pointed out, he presented the absolute truth to the whole world - that Albin Kurti is now carrying out a crime against humanity against the Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija, deliberately creating unbearable living conditions for the Serbian people.