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Serbs from Kosovo heading towards the crossings VIDEO

He told the morning program of TV Prva that Serbs from Kosovo and Metohija are deeply upset because Pristina sent over 20 vehicles of special forces units, armed to the teeth. According to him, they are angry and are currently driving towards the administrative crossings of Jarinje and Brnjak.

They abolish all restrictions - how?

Vaccination rates are relatively high in those three countries, but confidence in the government is also high. The hope is that freedoms will lead to even higher vaccination level.

Serbia handed over the "crown" - playing for bronze against Poland

Slobodan Kova's team was defeated by Italy in the semifinals of the European Championship in Katowice with the result 3: 1 (29:27, 25:22, 23:25, 25:18).
In the fight for the third place and the bronze medal, Serbia will play against Poland on Sunday at 5.30 pm, which lost to Slovenia 3: 1 in the first semifinal.

Vučić from Istanbul: "Sasa Janković told the truth"; "The results are my main weapon"

Speaking about the attention Serbia attracted during Angela Merkel's visit to Serbia, Vui said that he did not think that only her visit caused that attention, but he added that Merkel's visit was very important for us.
"It is, I can't say, the crown of my political career, but it is certainly very important for me to meet Angela Merkel," said Vucic.

"Anti-Serbism - a new 'trend' in the region"

Yesterday's meeting between Montenegrin President Milo Djukanovic and Croatian President Zoran Milanovic was described by Milivojevic as an attempt by the two presidents to achieve their political goals on the Serbian issue in the region.

Serbia Grants Vukovar Victims’ Families ‘Unfairly Low’ Compensation

The Humanitarian Law Centre said on Friday that Belgrade Court of Appeals' compensation awards to relatives of people killed by Serbian fighters at Ovcara Farm after the fall of the besieged Croatian town of Vukovar to the Yugoslav People's Army in November 1991 are inappropriately low and do not meet standards set by the European Court of Human Rights.

EU Scoffs at Balkan Mini Schengen

The EU administration assessed negatively the initiative "Mini Schengen", also known as "Open Balkan", of the leaders of North Macedonia, Serbia and Albania and believes that it undermines the region's European integration.

New update for schools has arrived: Teaching model is changing starting from Monday

In today's announcement, which the Ministry of Education sent to the media, the second model, that is, combined teaching from Monday, September 20, will attend the seventh and eighth grades of primary schools in nine local self-governments.
These are: Arilje, Bogati, Valjevo, Lajkovac, Ivanjica, Knjaevac, Koceljevo, Kragujevac and Topola.

Minja Subota died at the age of 82

The beloved TV host was rushed to hospital on Saturday.
He was transferred to pulmonology due to a disease he has been battling for a long time.
Six days ago, Serbian composer was urgently transported to pulmonology due to illness, where he lost the battle with a vicious disease. The news that he passed away was also published by Goran Vesi.

Dr Stevanović: The real danger awaits us in the fall

He explained to Novosti that the possibility of a "collision" between coronavirus and the seasonal flu awaits us.
According to him, the authorities cannot predict with certainty what the situation with the flu virus will be like this year, and he reminded that last year's season was mild.

Belgrade Pride to Highlight Calls for Same Sex Union Law

This year's Belgrade Pride, scheduled for Saturday, takes place amid calls for Serbia to adopt a same-sex union law and improve the rights of the LGBT community generally.