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First statement after the report on Serbia: I'm sorry...

However, as Vladimr Bilk adds, Serbia must make "decisive progress" on that road.
"Decisive progress can be made if and when Serbia takes steps to align with EU foreign policy," Bilk said in his first statement after voting on the report in the EP's Foreign Affairs Committee.

Vučić: I ask what do we need to do now, to recognize Kosovo?

We noticed that, although many on our political and public scene did not want to notice it. But, "the full normalization of relations" is still in the official negotiation process, and there is no talk of mutual recognition", said the President of Serbia, after laying a wreath at the monument to the heroes from Kosare.

Serbia on the agenda under the label "urgent"

439 amendments were submitted to the draft report presented by the European Parliament's Rapporteur for Serbia, Vladimr Bilk, in April, and the parliamentary groups adopted 40 compromise amendments, which expanded the text of the report.

Increase in Exports from Bulgaria by over 27% up until April

In the first four months of the year, Bulgaria's exports outside the European Union increased by 27.5% compared to the same period in 2021 and amounted to BGN 9.224 billion. Bulgaria's main trade partners are Turkey, Serbia, USA, North Macedonia, United Kingdom, China and Egypt, which account for 52.6% of exports to third countries.

In Kosovo, Frustration Grows over Promised Road to Montenegro

As a child, Abedin Pepaj would travel by horse or tractor to spend the summer with his family in the mountains that straddle Kosovo's western border with Montenegro, enjoying the panorama and the cool mountain air.

FM Fajon notes importance of credible EU enlargement policy

Thessaloniki – Foreign Minister Tanja Fajon attended a ministerial of the South-East European Cooperation Process (SEECP) in Thessaloniki on Friday, and held a number of bilateral meeting on the sidelines of the Greece event. In the debate, Fajon noted the importance of a credible EU enlargement policy for the reform efforts of the Western Balkans.

Day of Slovenian-Serbian Friendship to become official next year

Ljubljana – Several associations hosted a Day of Slovenian-Serbian Friendship at Fužine Castle in Ljubljana featuring Alexander, Crown Prince of Yugoslavia, and his spouse, Crown Princess Katherine of Serbia. It was announced at the event that 12 June would probably be formally declared the Day of Slovenian-Serbian Friendship next year.

Vučić with Scholz: "Scholz brought new energy and new hope"

President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vui, was the first to speak, saying that he was "the president of a country for which a conversation with the chancellor is much more important than the chancellor's with him."

Follow the address of Vučić and Scholz from 5 p.m. LIVE on

Media press conference is expected around 5 p.m.
Just to recall, that German Chancellor Olaf Scholz will arrive in Belgrade today, after his visit to Pristina, and will meet with the President of Serbia face to face.

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Captured: Powerful Photos Show Bosnian War Prisoners’ Suffering

Ron Haviv's photographs depicting the suffering of prisoners who were detained in the Prijedor, Mostar and Banja Luka areas during the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina went on display at the Endzio Hub gallery in Belgrade on Thursday evening at an exhibition entitled 'Liberty'.

Kosovo PM Unimpressed with Serbian President’s Energy Deal Offer

Albin Kurti expressed disdain on Thursday about an energy deal suggested by Serbia's Aleksandar Vucic in which lignite coal from Kosovo could be exchanged for electricity.

"This is an attempt by the authoritarian president of Serbia to move from the failed project of a territorial exchange to this one of a coal exchange," Kurti told media.

Serbia faces with the "ultimatum": It is demanded, otherwise...

In addition to the known conditions related to the rule of law and the normalization of relations with Pristina, the report emphasizes that compliance with EU foreign policy, including sanctions against Russia, will determine the further course of accession negotiations, according to RTS.

Vučić: "I'm coming to Montenegro"

President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vui, said that he would come to Montenegro, adding that the two countries should reset their mutual relations...
Vui pointed out that Serbia and Montenegro have no one closer than each other.