Latest News from Serbia

In Few Years Traveling from Sofia to Belgrade will be Possible in Less than Two Hours by Train

Foreign Minister Ekaterina Zaharieva has announced that in few years from Sofia to Belgrade we will be able travel in less than two hours by train. During the parliamentary oversight she specified that the construction of the new railway lines between the two capitals will be financed by the European Commission, which has allocated an additional € 190 million to 11 transport projects.

Haradinaj: Neither Thaci nor I are owners of Kosovo

"There are two million people living there. There is the act of declaration of independence. If someone dares to negotiate the territory of Kosovo, then he is against the Constitution, Haradinaj told the T7 broadcaster, Koha reported.

Germany against "changing borders"

This was "extraordinarily dangerous and would lead to the region's destabilization," the German minister of state for Europe said on Thursday, Beta agency reported.

In an interview for Deutsche Welle in Albanian, Roth said that "the territorial integrity of the Balkan countries was exceptionally important."

UNSC united on issue of Pristina's taxes; Pristina: charade

During the debate, held in spite of the previous opposition by a number of members of the UN Security Council, Pristina institutions were unanimously called on to abolish taxes increased by 100 percent last November on goods coming from Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Jess Messina Off to Bulgaria

JESS Messina is about to embark on a demanding schedule to start the year that will see her head to Bulgaria, return home for a month before heading to Serbia and potentially Finland, reports. 

With just 18 months until the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, the Port Macquarie boxer knows the hard work has only just started.

France recalls its ambassador to Italy

The reason given were "groundless attacks without precedent by Italy."

Ansa is quoting a French Foreign Ministry press releases that said there had been "outrageous statements" by the Italian government.

"Disagreeing is one thing, exploiting relations for electoral ends is another," the ministry added.

Vucic starts his "Future of Serbia" campaign/VIDEO

In that city he attended the presentation of projects supporting Serbia's development through the program "Norway for You."

The goal of the project is to contribute to a balanced socio-economic development in Serbia through increasing employment opportunities, especially of vulnerable and marginalized groups in 91 local self-governments.

Russian IT Company with over $ 1 Billion in Revenue is Entering the Bulgarian Market

Russian Softline is expanding its operations in Eastern Europe, including its entry into the Bulgarian market. In 2018 it became clear that the company will start operations in Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia and Bulgaria. The company is leading in the field of digital transformation processes.

Serbia and UK sign international road transport agreement

Serbian Deputy PM and Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure Zorana Mihajlovic and UK Minister of Transport Jesse Norman inked the document on Wednesday, Tanjug is reporting.

Permit issued to build Serbia's tallest building

The building, a part of the Belgrade Waterfront project, will be Serbia's tallest at 168 meters.

The value of the investment - the construction of a 40-floor, 47,500 square meter building - is RSD 12 billion (about EUR 100 million).

"Pristina is playing good cop/bad cop"

However, he said he "does not believe that the United States can succeed in doing so."

Dacic told Voice of America that Ramush Haradinaj and Hashim Thaci are playing different roles in the negotiations over Kosovo and that it is "not clear who is whose cop."

"Russia trying to meddle in Balkan countries joining NATO"

He was speaking on the day the newly-named Republic of North Macedonia signed a pact that will pave the way for the country to join NATO, Euronews said in its report, cited by Tanjug on Thursday.

Haradinaj says communication has been cut with UN mission

Haradinaj also says he does not think the letters this mission is sending to the UN reflect the truth.

According to the Radio Free Europe, this statement came after UN Secretary-Heneral Antonio Guterres assessed in his latest regular report on Kosovo that the biggest problem in relations between Belgrade and Pristina is the tax (increased by) 100 percent on Serbian goods.