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Bosnia Court Cancels Permit for Drina Power Plant

The District Court in Banja Luka, administrative centre of the mainly Serbian Republika Srpska entity in Bosnia and Herzegovina, RS, has cancelled the environmental permit for the planned Buk Bijela hydropower plant on the river Drina in Bosnia, the Aarhus Resource Center said on Thursday, following the court's May 13 ruling in favour of the Center's complaint.

Russia could help clean up Kosovo mess - if Serbia asks

The president of the Russian Federation Council's Committee on International Affairs is also quoted as saying that Russia can provide support to Serbia in ensuring security - if it receives Belgrade's request.

Agreement on regulating Serbia's debt towards Slovakia

Brnabic told reporters after meeting with Pellegrini and the Slovak delegation that settling the clearing debt symbolically put an end to last open issue between the two countries.

Annual report of European Commission delivered to PM

Head of the Delegation of the European Union to Serbia Sem Fabrizi delivered today to Prime Minister Ana Brnabic the Annual Report of the European Commission on the Republic of Serbia.

Secret Negotiations Will Betray Kosovo

It is not easy to keep secrets, especially about a matter of such national importance. It is rumoured that Thaci and Vucic plan to announce a deal to swap territories just prior to their next meeting in Paris on July 1.

According to a prominent Kosovo personality, these are the deal terms:

Serbia will agree to recognise Kosovo.

Inspired by NATO Bombing, Serbian Artist Turns Trauma into Art

The drawing depicts the head of a weird creature with a twisted neck and its mouth wide open. If you take a closer look, you notice a small bird flying out of its mouth. Its teeth look strange too, resembling tall, sturdy trees.

"You see, even the bird wanted to leave, it was that bad," Stojcetovic explains.

350 Participants From 10 Countries Arrive For Architectural SHARE Forum2019 in Sofia

The International Architectural Forum SHARE Sofia 2019 will begin tomorrow, May 30, 2019, at the National Palace of Culture (NDK) - Congress Center Sofia.

The event will bring together 350 participants from Bulgaria, USA, Turkey, Denmark, Poland, Slovenia, the Netherlands, Greece, Montenegro and Serbia.

Fiat to manufacture SUV model in Kragujevac?

he management of Kragujevac-based Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) Serbia has received unofficial information from Fiat's Turin headquarters that a potential FCA-Renault merger would have no substantial effect on the Serbian car factory's plan of operations until 2022, Belgrade's Vecernje novosti daily reported.

Government fully committed to fighting money laundering

Prime Minister Ana Brnabic met today in Belgrade with a delegation of the Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering (FATF), and on that occasion, she introduced the members of the delegation with the activities that our country implements in the fight against money laundering and terrorism financing.

Serbia-Kosovo Arts Fest Targeted Online by Right-Wingers

Ahead of this year's Miredita, Dobar Dan! festival, the organisers told BIRN that they are ready for attempts at disruption after receiving threats on social networks and have asked the police to ensure the security of the event.