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Moscow responds: Our target won't be US, but Europe

The Chief of the Russian General Staff, Gen. Valery Gerasimov, said this on Wednesday, Sputnik is reporting.

If the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty is canceled, then Russian responsive measures will target the countries that accommodate US intermediate-range and short-range missiles, the Russian army chief said.

Kosovo's New Social Democrats Reach Out to Govt

The opposition Social Democratic Party, PSD, led by MPs who left the opposition Vetevendosje party in March, is getting closer to the ruling coalition, analysts say - driven by its criticism of the latter's approach to the EU-led talks with Serbia.

"Citizens must understand how serious our situation is"

"The very fact that the formation of the so-called Kosovo army is being considered, which is contrary to all international regulations, but also to those adopted in Kosovo, shows that they would stop at nothing," said the secretary general of the Serbian president.

Appeal to Germany to help stabilize situation in region

Brnabic, speaking during a meeting with German Bundestag and Free Democrats' Party member Renata Alt, said this danger was due to a series of moves that Pristina has taken over the past month.

Daily: CIA sending ship full of arms to Kosovo army

Belgrade daily Vecernje Novosti writes this on Wednesday.

According to the newspaper, the dangerous cargo will be from there taken to Kosovo Security Forces bases. The daily further cites the data received by the Serbian security services, to report that "this conspirative arrangement is part of Pristina's scenario to take control of the northern (Serb) part of the province."

Bulgarian Border Police: Heavy Truck Traffic to Romania, Turkey and Greece

As of 6.00 am, there is heavy truck traffic from Bulgaria on the borders with Romania, Turkey and Greece, Border Police said. On the border with Greece, there is considerable truck traffic at exit on Kulata checkpoint. The same is the situation on the checkpoints of Kapitan Andreevo, Lesovo, Danube Bridge Ruse and Danube Bridge Vidin.

New owner of TV Prva and TV O2

The Group who owns Prva TV, O2 TV, Prva TV Montenegro, Play Radio, six cable channels and three web portals, and sells media operations in Serbia and Montenegro for 180 million euros. The change of the ownership rights in the process by the regulatory authority of Serbia.

Serbian Ruling Party-Linked Company Buys Two TV Stations

The Kopernikus Corporation, owned by the brother of a Serbian Progressive Party official, purchased TV stations Prva and O2 after selling its cable operator subsidiary to the state-owned telecommunications company Serbian Telekom for almost 200 million euros, BIRN has learned.

Pristina's moves "result of nervousness and dead-end"

He believes that such decisions made by Pristina are a consequence of nervousness and a feeling of being at a dead-end, as more and more countries are withdrawing their recognition of Kosovo.

"Now there are already 11 countries that have withdrawn their recognition of Kosovo. That's already a trend, that is unnerving Pristina," said Chepurin.

Vucic receives new RS President Cvijanovic

Cvijanovic told Vucic that Serbia was and will be the support for the RS, and that it will have a good collaborator in it.

The Serbian president said that this was "the most beautiful thing that can be heard and something our people want to hear."

The president congratulated Cvijanovic on getting elected, and wished her great success in her future work in that office.

Serbian Basketball Players Barred from Entering Kosovo

Kosovo police on Tuesday stopped the players and management of Serbian basketball club Partizan from entering the country, where they planned to support Kosovo Serbs protesting against Pristina's recent tax hike on Serbian imports.

Serbian media reported that Partizan were planning to play a friendly match with Trepca basketball club from the mostly-Serb area of northern Kosovo.

Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina to send letter to EU members

This was the assessment made on Tuesday in Belgrade by Serbia's Minister of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications Rasim Ljajic and Minister of External Trade and Economic Relations of Bosnia-Herzegovina Mirko Sarovic.

Vucic wants United States to warn Pristina

Vucic spoke with Scott about the situation in Kosovo and Metohija, pleading with the United States use its political influence and warn Pristina that its moves are endangering peace and stability in the region.

"Moscow closely monitors development of situation in Kosovo"

According to a press release from his office on Tuesday, the Serbian president pointed out that this was contrary to UN Security Council Resolution 1244, the only legal framework that is in line with international law and the agreements that have been reached.

Joint action crucial for response to climate change

Brnabic said that climate change is an issue that one country cannot solve alone, saying that cooperation is a condition for a positive result, the Serbian government announced on its website.