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Wine Heroes of New Europe

One of main objectives of 2019 Grand VINART Tasting, taking place 1 - 2nd of March, is to present the potential, variety and quality of wines from New Europe. In the wine world, it unites, in addition to Slovenia and Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Macedonia and Serbia.

Australian companies interested in doing business in Serbia

According to the Serbian government, they discussed "further enhancement of bilateral cooperation between the two countries."

Brnabic expressed her hope that the positive trend of cooperation between Serbia and Australia will continue in the future, adding that Serbia's interest is to intensify cooperation in the fields of energy, economy and information technologies.

Vucic and German ambassador discuss investments, Kosovo

They also discussed the situation in the Western Balkans, especially relations between Belgrade and Pristina, and also addressed specific new German investments, whose realization is expected in the near future.

Serbian patriarch responds to Croatian bishops

The head of the Serbian Orthodox Church (SPC) said he "expected nothing else" of these Catholic clerics in Croatia.

Speaking for the tabloid Kurir, the patriarch announced his full response.

Croatia receives protest after Serbian athletes are attacked

The protest note concerns an attack on several water polo players from Serbia's Crvena Zvezda (Red Star) club, that happened over the weekend in Split, Croatia.

"The Foreign Ministry has expressed deep concern and disappointment over the attack on the Crvena Zvezda water polo players," a press release said.

Tenth protest takes place in Belgrade

The protest wrapped up just before 8 p.m. outside the Serbian government building after a march down the central city streets, Beta agency reported.

Addressing the crowd outside the government building, protest coordinator Jelena Anasonovic told Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic that he would "learn like the alphabet the names of all the free cities in Serbia that are marching."

"Example of unique and exemplary civic courage"

These soldiers, serving with Nazi Germanys Waffen SS, very likely took part in atrocities, including the mass murder of Jews, the report said.

Zuroff praised the determination of the National Archives of Finland to release the results, even if they were "painful and uncomfortable" for that country, and said it was "an example of unique and exemplary civic courage."

Serbia in flu's grip

At the same time, there have been 15 deaths than can be linked with the disease, the Public Health Institute named after Dr. Milan Jovanovic Batut announced on Friday.

Flu epidemics have been reported in the Pirot and Zlatibor Districts, while the activity of the virus appears to have moderate intensity, and is geographically widespread.

Kosovo Hikes Defence Budget to Fund New Army

Kosovo's Defence Ministry will have six million more euros to spend in the 2019 budget than it had last year - after the country's parliament voted to expand the competences of the current lightly armed Kosovo Security Force, KSF, and start its transformation into a regular army.

The budget planned for defence in 2019 is 58.7 million euros; the previous year it was 52.3 million.

US ambassadors in Belgrade and Pristina in joint op-ed

It is time for Kosovo to abolish taxes, for Serbia to respond in a constructively, for provocations on both sides to stop, for Belgrade and Pristina return to the dialogue led by the European Union, and for both sides to boldly opt for peace.

That is what Kyle Scott and Phillip Kossnett wrote in a joint op-ed published in Belgrade by Politika, and in Pristina by Zeri.

Apartments being built for members of security forces

Brnabic said that in this way the state wants to express gratitude to the people who are doing the hardest and most dangerous tasks and are ready to sacrifice their lives in order to preserve the safety of all citizens of Serbia.