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NATO vows to guard ’every inch of territory’ as Russia fumes

An unstable world could get even more dangerous if NATO does not remain strong and united, the head of the alliance said on June 30 at the end of a summit where Western leaders labeled Russia "a direct threat" to the security of their nations.

Turkey’s concerns about PKK are not legitimate

Rather than assuage Turkey or appease it at the expense of human rights & the rule of law it is time to ask whether NATO can survive Turkey

The Turkaegean ‘Waterloo’ and the deep sleep of competent authorities

By Vasilis Kanellis

No one can pretend that they did not know, as there were already 'Turkaegean' ads last year.

Apologies, resignations, and even sackings, when necessary, should be par for the course in politics.

After securing gains at NATO summit, Erdogan resumes hostile rhetoric against Greece

Country to experience blistering heat, warns expert

Heavy downpours and flurries will leave the country as of July 1, a prominent Turkish meteorologist has said while warning citizens to get ready to bear the brunt of blistering temperatures that will last at least a week.

"As of the weekend, the temperatures will reach life-threatening levels," Orhan Şen told the daily Milliyet on June 29.

Sweden and Finland will face consequences? "They made a promise to Gorbachev, too"

The leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia (LDPR) and the chairman of the State Duma's committee for international affairs also stated on the Telegram channel that the North Atlantic Alliance, led by the United States, has consistently tried to get closer to Russia's borders, while mantras about its defensive nature were a "smokescreen."

Turkey Lifts Veto on Finland, Sweden, Joining NATO

(L-R front row) Foreign Ministers of Turkey, Finland and Sweden signing an agreement on Tuesday to unblock the Turkish veto on the Nordic countries joining NATO in the presence of NATO Secretary General Jens Stolteneberg (4r); Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan (3r); the President of Finland, Sauli Niinisto (2r), and the Swedish Prime Minister, Magdalena Andersson (r), in Madrid, 28 June 20

Radev and Biden were Guests at the Official Dinner for the NATO Summit

The summit of NATO leaders in Madrid had exceptional security measures.

Important decisions are expected: For example, Russia to be declared a direct threat to European security, massive reinforcement of the Eastern Flank with more troops and equipment, and a large-scale support package for Ukraine.

Israel lowers Türkiye travel warning after ’attacks thwarted’

Israel's National Security Council on June 28 lowered its travel warning for Istanbul from the highest level, after the government said Iranian assassination plots targeting Israelis in the city had been thwarted.

Iran reports making ‘world’s largest’ kilim rug

Iran announced on June 27 that weavers in the southern province of Fars had produced the world's largest kilim rug, measuring an enormous 105 square meters (more than 1,100 square feet).

Will Erdogan voice challenges to Greek sovereignty at NATO summit?

After Turkey struck a deal with Sweden and Finland, that requires them to change their counter-terrorism laws to suit Ankara and that will thus permit NATO to unanimously issue invitations for them to join the Alliance tomorrow, Athens is focused on whether Erdogan will table his demands for the demilitarisation of Greek Eastern Aegean islands at the ongoing NATO summit.