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Turkey supports foreign investors at every stage: Official

Turkey supports international investors at every stage from feasibility studies to accessing financing and choosing the right location, head of the Presidency's Investment Office said on Dec 5.

Bulgarian Border Police: Heavy Truck Traffic to Romania, Turkey and Greece

As of 6.00 am, there is heavy truck traffic from Bulgaria on the borders with Romania, Turkey and Greece, Border Police said. On the border with Greece, there is considerable truck traffic at exit on Kulata checkpoint. The same is the situation on the checkpoints of Kapitan Andreevo, Lesovo, Danube Bridge Ruse and Danube Bridge Vidin.

Turkey opts for non-confrontational measures in Black Sea

While Ukraine seeks international backing for its Black Sea standoff with Russia and asks NATO to increase its presence in the Black Sea, members of the alliance avoid taking military steps that will further escalate tension in the region. Turkey's position sides with the alliance in this case. 

Analysis: How should Turkey perceive the Syrian border?

Today Turkey continues to see the Syrian border as one piece, politically. However, the picture is not what it seems to be. Indeed, Turkey is trying to respond to the unique five cases rooting from Syria, extending beyond its borders.

Case against gold trading racket collapsing

A criminal case against a racket trading in large quantities of gold appeared set to collapse on Tuesday after an investigating magistrate tasked with grilling the suspects determined that there are no grounds for smuggling charges.

Gold smuggling case in jeopardy after main charge is dismissed

The indictment on which the entire case concerning a major gold smuggling network has been built on could collapse on Tuesday, after tax authorities confirmed that the main charge of smuggling is not applicable.

The charge brought against the suspects was exporting gold to Turkey without paying taxes through a network of pawn shops.

Turkey’s most popular singers and songs in 2018 announced

Turkish rapper Ezhel, who had hit headlines in Turkey after being arrested for encouraging drug use, topped Turkish music streaming charts in 2018, according to figures released by Spotify on Dec. 4. Click through for the list...

Best selling cars in Turkey for November 2018 announced

Turkey’s Automotive Distributors Association has announced the sale figures for all makes, which showed that Toyota took the monthly leadership for the first time. Click through for the list of best-selling makes in Turkey in November 2018...

Turkey's hazelnut exports in decline

This photo shows a local hazelnut shop in Turkey's Black Sea province of Giresun selling products of new season on Sept. 5. (Hürriyet photo, Engin Esen)

23 people probed over gold smuggling ring released on conditions

Greek judicial authorities on Tuesday ordered the conditional release of 23 suspects investigated over their alleged involvement in a major gold smuggling operation.

The accused are banned from leaving the country and two of them will have to appear regularly at their local police station. Two other suspects, who are Turkish nationals, were ordered to pay a 500-euro bail.

Bulgarian Prosecutors Present Case For Crypto Regulation

Law enforcement in Bulgaria has scored another win in the case for mainstreaming cryptocurrency. On the heels of government action across the globe, a team of three in Bulgaria has been arrested for schemes resulting in the illegal attainment of over million worth of cryptocurrencies. Prosecutors have been tracking the team since June, according to a NextWeb article.