Bulgaria is the EU Leader in the Growth of Jobs in Trade

The European Commission has published two new studies highlighting the growing importance of EU exports for job opportunities in Europe and beyond. EU exports to other countries around the world are more important than ever. They provide over 36 million jobs across Europe - two-thirds more than their number in 2000, with 14 million of them employed by women. In addition, EU exports to the rest of the world generate € 2.3 billion of added value in the EU.

Since the inauguration of this Commission in 2014, the number of jobs secured by exports has increased by 3.5 million. The pay of these jobs is on average 12% higher than in other business sectors. Commerce Commissioner Cecilia Malmström said: "This study clearly shows that trade means jobs. EU exports to other countries around the world provide the livelihoods of a large and growing number of citizens in every corner of Europe.

Almost 40% of the citizens whose jobs are secured by trade are women. The EU trade sector provides millions of jobs far beyond the borders of the EU, including in developing countries. This is another proof that trade is and can be of benefit to all: what is good for us is good for our partners around the world. "

The report, published 27.11, on EU Trade Policy Day, contains detailed information documents on the results for each EU Member State. Thanks to exports, jobs are revealed and made available throughout the EU, with their number increasing. The highest growth since 2000 is recorded in Bulgaria (+ 312%), Slovakia (+ 213%), Portugal (+ 172%), Lithuania (+ 153%), Estonia (+ 147%), Ireland (+ 147%) and Latvia (+ 138%).

The figures published today highlight the great positive impact of world-wide exports on other areas of the economy. When the activities of EU...

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