In Belgrade, more than 350 infected, in isolation across Serbia, 70.000 people

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According to data from the official website of the Ministry of Health for monitoring the coronavirus epidemic in Serbia,, so far, 13 people have died from the infection with this virus in Serbia.
Eight deceased are male, and the average age of coronavirus victims in Serbia is 65.7 years.

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The mortality rate is 1.75 percent.
A total of 2.462 people were tested by March 28, according to data.
As can be seen from the chart, in anticipation of the announced "mass testing", the number of daily testing has increased in recent days.

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When it comes to the territorial distribution of the number of coronavirus infected people, it is expected that the most infected are in Belgrade.
The table below shows how many people are infected in Belgrade, as well as in other places in Serbia.

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At the same time, more than 70.000 people across the country are under measures of self-isolation.
Most, again, in Belgrade - almost 15 thousand.

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