Eurobond discussion not settled, German envoy tells Kathimerini

Germany's rejection of a Eurobond for bankrolling the fight against the spreading coronavirus pandemic is "not at all categorical," the country's ambassador to Athens, Ernst Reichel, told Kathimerini in a written interview, leaving some hope of consensus in the future.

The German envoy warned that the European Union may be used by populist forces as a scapegoat, while reiterating Berlin's solidarity with Greece. He also expressed the belief that the only solution to the migration crisis is a new deal with Turkey.

The next two weeks are seen as crucial to European unity, with the eurozone facing an existential dilemma. Meanwhile Italy is threatening unilateral action and has turned to China and Russia for medical assistance. Is Germany prepared to do what it takes to prevent a major European crisis? And is the risk right now more than just economic but also...

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