Radev: The Bilateral Protocol with the North Macedonia Doesn’t Provide Sufficient Guarantee for Our Interests

"We would not have received the French proposal, which is the best so far if Bulgaria had not vetoed two enlargement councils last year with a clear position and argument".

"The position I shared is already clear and our European partners are aware of the position that the issue of upholding civil rights can not only be bilateral between Bulgaria and the RNM but to rise at the EU level". This was stated by Bulgarian President Rumen Radev today.

"The issue of the rights of Macedonian Bulgarians is already in the negotiating framework. Bulgarian politicians should not rush to declare a historic victory, because the change in the constitution is not a victory, but a step on the path to integration. The real protection of the Bulgarian interests, of our cultural and historical heritage of the rehabilitation of the victims and the termination of the process of demoralization, depends on the content of the bilateral protocol", Radev added.

"At present, the proposed bilateral protocol with North Macedonia does not provide a sufficient guarantee for the protection of our interests such as actions, mechanisms and deadlines and criteria. I call on the responsible institutions to set the missing parameters in this bilateral protocol because if it is not updated, the negotiating framework itself becomes meaningless, it is a framework", Radev said. "I call on the Council of Ministers not to hide behind the National Assembly, it is the leading institution and we expect to make clear and responsible decisions", Radev stressed.

"I appeal to the politicians in the RNM: it is time for political leadership and responsibility in the name of the future, because the road to Europe is a way forward, not...

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