It was a mistake, Volodymyr

Namely, many in Ukraine were enraged by the admission that Volodymyr Zelensky made this week in an interview with the Washington Post, that he sacrificed the lives of many Ukrainians for the sake of running the economy.
Before that, the Washington Post assesses, he was an impeccable national hero to Ukrainians, but now that recognition has "burst the bubble", causing a cascade of public criticism unprecedented since the beginning of the war.
Zelensky's mistake was that he admitted to an American newspaper that before the outbreak of hostilities with Russia, he downplayed the importance of American warnings about the coming attack out of fear that Ukrainians would flee the country en masse.
"If we had announced it then...then I would have been losing seven billion dollars a month since last October," he said in that interview. Zelensky also claimed that this deception of his own people prevented Russia from occupying the country in three days.
It turned out that just days after the CIA director told him that the US had reliable information that Russia would attack Ukraine, Zelensky promised Ukrainians a peaceful year, stating that people would have barbecues during the May holidays, as always.
As reported by Russia Today, Ukrainians are now angry with the president, who, they think, does not believe that his people can bear the truth. They also think that if Ukraine had accepted the American warnings - it would have been better prepared for the upcoming conflict.
"He didn't want to put the country on the war budget because he was basically afraid of losing power," Ukrainian journalist Bogdan Butkevich believes.

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