Russia: There will be No Gas Supplies via Nord Stream 1 until the West Lifts Sanctions

Gas supplies from Russia to Europe via the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline will not be fully resumed until the "collective West" lifts the sanctions imposed on Moscow after the start of the invasion of Ukraine. This was announced by Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, quoted by the "Financial Times".

He blamed EU, UK and Canadian sanctions for Russia's failure to deliver gas through the key pipeline.

"The problems with pumping gas arose because of the sanctions that the Western countries introduced against our country and several companies," Peskov was quoted as saying by the Interfax agency. "There are no other reasons that could have caused this pumping problem."

Gazprom said late on Friday that it would halt gas supplies via Nord Stream 1 due to a technical malfunction, particularly difficulties in repairing the German turbines in Canada.

"It is important to remember that there is not just one gas pipeline from Russia to Europe," noted Tim McPhie, a spokesman for the European Commission on Energy, on Monday. "If there was a technical problem that prevented Nord Stream 1 deliveries, there would be an opportunity, if there was a desire, to deliver gas to Europe through other pipelines. That's something we don't see happening."

Russia still supplies gas to Europe through Soviet-era pipelines through Ukraine, which remained open despite the invasion, as well as through the South Stream pipeline.

In recent weeks, Russian officials have made no secret of their hope that Europe's growing energy crisis will weaken the bloc's support for Ukraine.

"Obviously, life for people, businessmen and companies in Europe is getting worse and worse," Peskov said. "Of course, ordinary...

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