Acknowledgement from Pristina? Sending the mayors to the municipal offices was wrong

President of the Democratic Party of Kosovo (PDK), Memli Krasniqi, said that the elections were the result of escalation in the north, which resulted in the deterioration of relations with the international community.
Krasniqi also said that he should not have insisted on sending the mayors to municipal facilities, reports Siri.
Krasniqi stated that Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti started making mistakes from the beginning of his rule, since for him the dialogue process was not a priority, but, as he says, he treated it only for internal political consumption in Kosovo.
"It is the dialogue process that produced all the consequences regarding Serbia and the north of the country. Unfortunately, in a precious but lost time, Kurti did not consider dialogue a priority but populism and consumption of internal politics. This led to the loss of the ambitions of the international community, which, in order to reach a comprehensive final agreement focused on mutual recognition, agreed to a temporary agreement focused on the creation of the CSM," Krasniqi said.
He believes that the escalation in the north of Kosovo is the result of the elections in the north that Kurti insisted on.
"Two members of the PDK and two candidates of the Self-Determination Movement won the elections, but it had a very high price that was not worth it and brought us to an impasse with international partners," Krasniqi pointed out.

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