Greek startup environment is world’s 37th friendliest


According to the ranking of StartupBlink ("Top 100 Countries for Startup-Business Friendliness 2023"), an organization that evaluates and maps the startup ecosystems of 1,000 cities in 100 countries worldwide, Greece is among the countries with the friendliest business environment for startups, coming in at 37th place and moving up six places compared to the previous count. 

While this development is welcome, the country still remains behind both Bulgaria (34th) and Romania (36th). 

In fact, compared with Western European countries, where the "heart" of innovation beats, Greece ranks 18th among 22 countries, followed by Cyprus (19th), Malta (20th), Liechtenstein (21st) and Andorra (22nd). 

Italy ranks 17th, Belgium 16th and Luxembourg 15th. At the top of the list is the United Kingdom, followed by Norway, Sweden, Germany, Denmark and Switzerland. In the EU as a...

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