He said that he does not see another solution in a situation where Russia has pointed out an important fact of a military-technical nature.
"The Russians have weapons that can function even in winter conditions, while Ukraine used up its Soviet weapons a long time ago and received weapons from NATO that do not have these characteristics," Laban told Tanjug today.
"I see from Western sources that in many ways Zelensky's days as President of Ukraine are numbered, and that many are mentioning the Supreme Commander of Ukraine's military forces, Zaluzhny, as someone who will take over leadership. In addition, we should take into account the fact that Zaluzhny is an old personnel who were trained in the Soviet Union together with Russian officers," said Laban.
He recalled that the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky entered politics as a former professional actor and assessed that Zelensky proved to be unsuccessful because, Laban claims, he ruined the huge financial resources and weapons that the West gave to Ukraine. Laban says that it is obvious that a personnel change is coming in Ukraine, considering the statement of the Russian side.
Moscow will not stop its military operations until it implements its objectives of military operations, demilitarization of the rest of Ukraine and refusal of Ukraine's entry into NATO. He believes that the West has let Ukraine "down the drain", and that he is trying to preserve some minimum reputation because the defeat of Ukraine, that is, of NATO, which stands behind Ukraine, is evident if, as he says, it continues the way Zelensky started.
"There we can expect moves that will go in the direction that those who take over the management of Ukraine agree to the fact that these five areas that have...

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