Petkovic meets with Argentine ambassador

BELGRADE - Pristina's ban on holding the December 17 Serbian parliamentary elections in the territory of Kosovo-Metohija is not contributing to a calming of the situation, the head of the Serbian government Office for Kosovo-Metohija Petar Petkovic said during a meeting with Argentina's Ambassador to Belgrade Osvaldo Marsico on Monday.

He noted that Pristina PM Albin Kurti's refusal to urgently move towards de-escalation in the four municipalities in the north of Kosovo-Metohija did not help defuse tensions either, the Office for Kosovo-Metohija said in a statement.

Petkovic and Marsico also discussed the most recent round of the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue.

Petkovic noted that daily provocations, unilateral actions and escalatory moves as well as groundless arrests and false accusations against Serbs clearly showed that causing fresh tensions and escalation on...

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