Vučić: We will send experts to Niš for the maternity ward

"It is my duty to speak for Nis. In Nis, we have two options, two schools of thought. We will either build a new maternity hospital or reconstruct the old one. We will send experts from Belgrade to see what is better to do," said Vui.
"Belgrade, Ni, Kragujevac, let's improve things there, Vranje and Leskovac will have better conditions. We will make everything new everywhere, try to finish reconstruction by 2027," said Vui.
Today, the President of Serbia is in Vranje, where he is visiting the gynecology and obstetrics department, which is being reconstructed as part of the work on the reconstruction of the General Hospital.
The tour of the hospital, in the reconstruction of which almost 1.5 billion dinars has been invested so far, is attended by the Minister of Health Danica Grujii and Minister for Public Investments Marko Blagojevi.
He mentioned the plan for the next three years.
"Now we have 57 maternity hospitals. We will try to either reconstruct them or completely fix them in the next three years. Over 170 hospitals or health centers have been fixed, unlike the previous 22 years, including this one. It is possible to provide digital mammogram in every town. I'm sorry that it came so late. I'm sorry that we're only going to do it now, that we didn't earlier, so that every woman can be examined. As soon as the reconstruction of 'Viegradska' had ended, the work, on "People's Front" had begun, and the works are still ongoing for 4 years," explained the President of Serbia.

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