Norway and Ireland Move to Recognize Palestinian Statehood

Norway has announced its intention to recognize Palestine as an independent state, revealed Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre today, confirming previous reports. Støre emphasized that this decision aligns with Israel's interests and serves to preserve the possibility of a political resolution, allowing both Israelis and Palestinians to coexist peacefully. Quoted by "Reuters," he stated, "This gesture supports the moderate factions struggling amidst this prolonged and harsh conflict." Støre also urged other nations to follow Norway's lead in recognizing Palestine, advocating for the establishment of a Palestinian state based on the existing authority in the West Bank.

Notably, Norway played a pivotal role over three decades ago when it facilitated secret negotiations between Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organization, resulting in mutual recognition and the commencement of peace talks.

Meanwhile, the Republic of Ireland is poised to announce its recognition of Palestine on Wednesday, a decision that has drawn strong opposition from Israel, as reported by "Reuters." European Union members Ireland, Spain, Slovenia, and Malta have indicated their intentions to recognize Palestine in recent weeks, possibly as part of a coordinated effort to reinforce the necessity of a two-state solution for enduring peace in the region.

However, Spain later refuted claims of imminent recognition, with Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez asserting that any recognition of Palestine would require joint action with other nations. These developments come amid escalating violence in Gaza due to Israel's military offensive against Hamas, prompting international calls for a ceasefire and a durable peace agreement.

The Irish government defended its decision to...

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