Ozempic frenzy grips Greece as well

Ozempic is not for Hollywood stars alone as demand for the drug is spreading like wildfire due to its weight-loss reputation. Greece is no exception, with demand skyrocketing since last year, especially in the run-up to summer.

Normally, the drug is only given to diabetics, with a doctor's prescription, but it has become increasingly popular without a prescription among people who simply want to lose weight even if they do not have any health problems.

Kathimerini understands that the Danish pharmaceutical company, Novo Nordisk, that produces the drug has doubled its imports to Greece since last year. However, the supply is not enough to meet demand, as many foreigners buy Ozempic in bulk, since its price in Greece is lower, with buyers from Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania, Turkey, US, France and Italy.

"In Greece, you can walk into a pharmacy and pay for it out of...

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