Latest News from Bosnia and Herzegovina

30 Srebrenica Victims to be Buried at Genocide Commemoration

A joint funeral is being held on Tuesday for 30 victims of the July 1995 genocide of Bosniaks, with thousands of mourners expected to attend the annual commemoration at the Srebrenica Memorial Centre in eastern Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Bosnia Issues Just One Srebrenica Indictment in a Year

Since the last annual commemoration of the Srebrenica genocide in July 2022, the Bosnian state prosecution has only filed one indictment for Srebrenica crimes - charging a suspect who lives in Serbia and cannot be arrested.

June Pride Parades and the Digital Ripple Effects on LGBT Rights

Digital Fallout of June Prides: Unveiling Violations of Digital Rights

In June, Pride Parades were held, among others, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, and Croatia, highlighting the struggle for LGBT rights in these countries.

Montenegro Commemorates Family Murdered While Fleeing Bosnia

The commemoration near the town of Pluzine on Thursday. Photo: Youth Initiative for Human Rights.

The three Bosniaks were murdered in the Piva River canyon near Pluzine after escaping from the Serb-held town of Foca in eastern Bosnia.

The killers were members of the Bosnian Serb Army's Dragan Nikolic special unit.

Slovenia can still count on Balkans for labour

The national Employment Service has poured cold water on the notion promulgated by business that there is not enough labour available in Balkan countries to meet Slovenia's growing labour needs, but it suggested companies need to be more proactive in recruitment and offer better pay.

How Srebrenica’s Mothers Brought Their Murdered Sons Home

"First they wanted the graveyard to be located on the mountains above Srebrenica, it's called Otave Plato," Malic told BIRN at the Centre for Elderly Mothers of Srebrenica in the village of Potocari, the care home where she lives now, less than a kilometre away from the Memorial Centre.

Serbian Photographer Exhibits Frontline Images of Bosnian War

The exhibition, entitled 'My Bosnia', includes pictures that Cvetkovic took in Skelani, Bratunac, Visegrad and around Sarajevo, as well as images of people who escaped to Montenegro as refugees or ended up in Serbia as prisoners.

Cvetkovic's picture of Serbs leaving their homes in the Grbavica and Ilidza settlements of Sarajevo, March 1996. Photo: BIRN.

In Depopulated Srebrenica, Shuttered Shops and Open-Hearted People

Driven by curiosity, we walked into the building the music was coming from, which is called The House of Good Tones. Hilda Djozic, office manager of the House, tells us later on that what we heard was a rehearsal by one of the youngest bands they have, and that the drummer was a seven-year-old girl.

Geopolitical Strife Fuels Dangerous Parallel Crises in Balkans

In the midst of Russia's failed mutiny, Dodik - one of the few politicians in the world who in past years has met Putin regularly, almost every year - may have tried to draw the Kremlin to support his two-decade-long separatist dream, some officials have said. 

Balkan Youth Deserve the Truth About the Past – Not Denials

But the process of peacebuilding is never a straight line and is often slowed down by chauvinistic and nationalist narratives and actions coming from key politicians, state-controlled media and extremist groups.

Lawyers in Serbia, Bosnia, Montenegro Question Sky ECC Data Legality

Data from the SKY ECC communications app, seized in a French and Dutch-led police operation, cannot be legally used in criminal proceedings, lawyers from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro concluded in a debate in Belgrade.