Latest News from Bosnia and Herzegovina

Low Crime Rate Among Migrants in Bosnia, Data Reveals

The increasing number of migrants and refugees entering Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2018 has raised concerns about security, especially in towns near the border with EU member state Croatia, but official data shows that they have not committed large numbers of criminal offences.

Bosnia Finds Three Bodies in Mount Ozren War Grave

The remains of three people, believed to be Serbs who were killed in the village of Vozuca in 1995, have been exhumed on Mount Ozren in the Zavidovici municipality in central Bosnia.

Serbian Court Confirms Strpci Train Massacre Indictment

Serbia’s Appeals Court confirmed the indictment of five Bosnian Serb ex-fighters accused of killing 20 passengers abducted from a train in Strpci in Bosnia in 1993 - over three years after the prosecution charged them.

Bosnian Serb Opposition Party Faces Overhaul After Defeat

The main board of Bosnian Serb opposition party the Serb Democratic Party, SDS, met on Sunday but failed to resolve internal differences that have deepened since its election defeat earlier this month.

After a nine-hour session, the board finally agreed to hold internal party elections in December.

Croatian MPs Urge EU to Discuss Bosnia Election 'Problem'

Eleven Croatian MEPs have complained in a joint letter to the European Parliament that the newly-elected Bosnian Croat member of Bosnia's state tripartite presidency was mostly elected by Bosniak votes.

Croat MEPs complain about Bosnia elections

They wrote about the outcome of the recent general elections in Bosnia-Herzegovina, expressing deep concern over the fact that the Croat representative (Zeljko Komsic) in the BiH Presidency were elected by Bosniaks (Muslims), while the vast majority of Croats voted for another candidate.

"That's position of one Bundestag member, not of Germany"

Beyer said on Wednesday in Belgrade that Serbia can't join the EU without recognizing Kosovo.

Brnabic said on Thursday that the statement came from one Bundestag (German parliament) member and did not represent Germany's official policy.

Migrants in Bosnia 'Taking Wrong Path': EU Official

Johannes Peterlik, the EU's Secretary-General for Foreign Affairs, told media in Sarajevo on Thursday that migrants and refugees currently in Bosnia must be told that they are trying to take the wrong path to the EU.

Bosnian Activists Urge Memorial for Sarajevo Siege Killings

Bosnia’s Youth Initiative for Human Rights launched a petition urging the construction of a memorial at Kazani on Mount Trebevic, where Serb and Croat civilians were brought to be killed during the siege of Sarajevo.

Serbian FM on three-day visit to Spain

Dacic will attend the opening of the Consulate of Serbia in Seville, while in Malaga he will participate in the OSCE Mediterranean Conference.

The opening ceremony of the Consulate, with Honorary Consul Juan Manuel Contreras, will be held on October 24.

Dacic will participate in the OSCE Mediterranean Conference on October25-26 in Malaga.

Migrants Clash with Police on Bosnia-Croatia Border

Several migrants and refugees were injured when they tried to break through a police cordon on Wednesday that has been preventing them from entering EU member Croatia at the Maljevac border checkpoint in northern Bosnia, local media reported.