Latest News from Bosnia and Herzegovina

Croatia Celebrates Joining of Peljesac Bridge

The Peljesac Bridge, linking Croatia's Peljesac peninsula with the rest of the country, was fully joined together on Wednesday night, with the installation of the last, 165th segment of its steel span.

Bosnia’s coronavirus tests recognised by Slovenia

Ljubljana – The list of countries whose PCR and rapid antigen tests for coronavirus are recognised by Slovenia has been expanded by the government to include Bosnia-Herzegovina. Under certain conditions tests from countries not on the list will be also accepted.

Kosovo Faces Uphill Fight in Claiming Yugoslav-Era Property

More than two decades since it broke away from Serbia in war, Kosovo is trying to claim ownership over more than 160 properties dotted around the former Yugoslavia.

So far, proceedings have been started in the case of two properties in neighbouring Montenegro totalling some 37,500 square metres in the coastal municipality of Budva.

The Financial Times writes about the Vučić - Zaev - Rama meeting: "Waiting for Godot"

The leaders of Serbia, Albania and North Macedonia have criticized Brussels for its slow EU enlargement, promising to continue with its own travel zone and business zone while waiting for the bloc to receive them.
"We know that there is fatigue from EU enlargement," Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said in an interview.

Officially, it takes effect today

Today, these provisions come into force.
According to the information available on the website of the Office of the High Representative in Bosnia-Herzegovina, the law enters into force eight days after its publication on the OHR website or the day after its publication in the BiH Official Gazette, whichever comes first.

Officially - Inzko's law on genocide is valid from tomorrow

According to the information available on the website of the Office of the High Representative in Bosnia-Herzegovina, the law enters into force eight days after its publication on the OHR website or the day after its publication in the Official Gazette of Bosnia and Herzegovina, whichever comes first.

Bosnian Serbs to Boycott State Institutions over Genocide Denial Ban

Bosnian Serb political representatives begin a boycott of state institutions on Tuesday, which will effectively prevent them from functioning, in a protest against the imposition of a ban on genocide and war crimes denial.

Serbian leaders reject Inzko's "law"

He stated that after the meeting of the leaders of the parliamentary political parties from Republika Srpska.
One of the conclusions of the meeting is that the amendments to the two laws should be sent to the procedure.

Bosnia Chief Prosecutor Gordana Tadić Axed for ‘Negligence’

The Disciplinary Commission of Bosnia's High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council, HJPC, the country's most senior judicial body, has axed Gordana Tadić as Chief Prosecutor of Bosnia and Herzegovina, it announced on Monday, citing professional negligence among other issues.

UNESCO Gives North Macedonia More Time to Protect Ohrid

The UN cultural organisation, UNESCO, on Friday gave North Macedonia two more years to take action to properly protect the heritage of the lakeside city of Ohrid and its surroundings - or be added to the list of World Heritage Sites in Danger.

Bosnian Genocide Denial Ban Pleases Survivors, Angers Serbs

The announcement on Friday of a ban on genocide and war crimes denial by High Representative Valentine Inzko, the international official who oversees implementation of the peace deal that ended the 1992-95 Bosnian war, was hailed by representatives of survivors of the Srebrenica gecocide.

Serbia's reaction to Inzko's decision

Ana Brnabi assessed that his decision to impose a ban on genocide denial would further distance Sarajevo and the Federation from RS and the views of Srpska.

Bosnia’s High Representative Imposes Genocide Denial Ban

Valentin Inzko announced on Friday that he has imposed an amendment to Bosnia and Herzegovina's criminal code to outlaw the public denial, condoning, trivialisation or justification of genocide, crimes against humanity or war crimes when this is done in a way that is "likely to incite to violence or hatred".

"United States of Yugoslavia" - civil war approaching? PHOTO

According to the columnist of Russia Today, Nebojsa Malic, it is not a warning to avoid the path to Balkanization and sectarian warfare, as much as it is a hint in which direction the ongoing civil war in the USA could escalate.

Representative of Russia: Just to make things clear

The fact that the UN Security Council did not adopt the Russian-Chinese resolution on the appointment of the High Representative for Bosnia-Herzegovina for one year means that the representative of Germany, Christian Schmidt, was not appointed to that position, which remains vacant, said First Deputy Permanent Representative of the Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to the United Natio