Latest News from Bosnia and Herzegovina

France is the ‘Ticking Time Bomb’, Not Bosnia

A 2018 study by the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation, at Kings College London, cited by the BBC, put the total number of foreign ISIS fighters at just under 41,500 from 81 countries, almost 6,000 of whom it says came from Western Europe.

Bosnia’s Women Journalists Demand Fightback on Gender Violence

Panelists Marija Arnautovic, from Radio Free Europe, Martina Mlinarevic, a writer and freelance journalist, Dalija Hasanbegovic Konakonvic, from Al Jazeera Balkans, and Biljana Radulovic, an attorney, tackled some of the biggest problems facing women journalists in the country in their daily work.

Serbian Security Chief Jovica Stanisic’s Release Extended

The UN-backed Mechanism for International Criminal Tribunals has announced that it has extended Jovica Stanisic's provisional release until April 30, 2020 because of his continuing illness.

It said that the extension was possible because "there is no indication that he has ever engaged in any practice undermining the administration of justice".

Matthew Palmer: "Mini Schengen has US support" VIDEO

"The European perspective of the Western Balkans, which has been the basis of US engagement in the region for more than 20 years, has not changed and will not change", Matthew Palmer, US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State and US Special Representative for the Western Balkans said.

Bosnian Salafist Preachers Calibrate Message to Growing Audience

"I think we have a serious problem," said Edina Becirevic, associate professor of security studies at Sarajevo's Faculty of Criminal Justice, Criminology and Security Studies, who has studied the Salafi phenomenon in Bosnia extensively. 

"We, as a society, must deal with the fact that Salafi influencers promote intolerance, exclusion of women and religious superiority."

Bosnia Demands Explanation for Macron’s ‘Time-Bomb’ Remark

A member of Bosnia's state presidency said he would summon the French ambassador seeking an explanation, after French President Emmanuel Macron in an interview called Bosnia a "ticking time bomb" in the Balkans.

Sister Recalls Murdered Bosnian Brothers’ Disappearance in Serbia

Witness Alija Handzic told the war crimes trial of Dalibor Maksimovic at Belgrade Higher Court on Thursday how her three brothers were taken away from a house in Sabac, a city in north-western Serbia, in 1992, and never seen alive again.

Serbian Ministry Defends Book that Denies Bosnian War Crime

The Defence Ministry reacted angrily on Wednesday evening after the Council of Europe's commissioner for human rights, Dunja Mijatovic, criticised it for hosting a promotional event in Belgrade for a book that denies court findings that Bosnian Serb forces were responsible for the May 1995 massacre in Tuzla.

Kurti: Bosnia can't be treated in the same way as Serbia

"I cannot treat Bosnia the same as Serbia, even though Bosnia does not recognize Kosovo", Kurti said, who is considered the most serious candidate for Kosovo's Prime Minister, by Sarajevo-based N1 television.
While being a guest of the "Pressing" talk show, that will be aired tonight, Kurti announced negotiations on annulling visas to the citizens of Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Croatian Police Found 9 Migrants in a Van

Croatian police have found nine migrants crammed into a closed box in the back of a van, the Associated Press reported.

Police say the migrants were found early this morning in eastern Croatia after police officers stopped a van with Polish registration. 

Serbian Ministry Promotes Book Denying Bosnian War Crime

The Serbian Defence Ministry hosted a promotional event on Tuesday evening for a new book that claims to prove that Bosnian Serb forces were not responsible for the Tuzla Gate massacre in which 71 people died on May 25, 1995, contradicting the facts established by the Bosnian state court.

Explained: The EU’s New Security Check System for Visitors

The European Travel Information and Authorisation System, ETIAS, is a visa waiver programme that aims "to strengthen the borders of the Schengen Area by pre-checking the data of travellers before they enter the zone", according to the ETIAS website.

Trump-Loving Bosnian Shoemaker Sends Slippers to First Lady

Marinko Umicevic, the technical director of the Bema shoe factory, who gained widespread publicity when he sent two pairs of shoes to Melania Trump four years ago, has now sent the US first lady a pair of white lacquered house slippers as a sign of support for her husband's upcoming campaign for re-election.