Latest News from Bosnia and Herzegovina

Sickness Delays Justice in Bosnian War Crimes Trials

But their trial remains on hold due to Djuric's sickness.

Nedim Salaharevic, who saw his brother, Edin, being killed in Vlasenica, told BIRN that he had been waiting for justice for years.

"This is yet another blow to victims … Djuric and Kraljevic were rulers of life and death in Vlasenica. I saw it with my own eyes, I watched them kill my brother, Edin," he said.

Croatia Welcomes Chinese Leader to 16+1 Summit

The Adriatic city of Dubrovnik, Croatia's best-known tourist destination, on Thursday and Friday will host the 16 + 1 summit, a Chinese initiative to strengthen business ties between China and 16 countries from Central and Eastern Europe.

Vucic, Thaci expect nothing; meeting may have different goal

This motive could be, according to media reports, to exert pressure on Belgrade to agree to continue the dialogue with Pristina, without Pristina abolishing its taxes on Serbian products first.

Sarajevo to Pay €358,000 for War Crime Suspects’ Defence

Vasvija Vidovic, a lawyer who has represented former Bosnian Army soldiers at the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia and the Bosnian state court, argued that defendants find themselves difficult financial situations because trials are long-running and very expensive.

Two Greeks selected for Balkan journalism fellowship

Two Greek reporters have made it on the list of 10 journalists selected to receive a fellowship from the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network (BIRN), which will allow them to tackle in-depth features on the subject of freedom over the next year.

Bosnian ‘War Children’ Exhibition Tackles Enduring Stigma of Conflict

The exhibition 'Breaking Free', which aims to address the enduring prejudices faced by children who were born as a consequence of the Bosnian war, opened at the Historical Museum of Sarajevo on Monday evening and runs until mid-April.

Sarajevo Museum Brings Valter Movie Back to Life

Forty-seven years after Hajrudin Siba Krvavac's cult movie about the Partisan struggle in wartime Yugoslavia was filmed, a museum dedicated to it has opened in Bosnia's capital.

Western Balkan Countries Have Agreed to Reduce Their Roaming Prices

The plan is for roaming to drop completely by 2021, reported NOVA TV. 

The countries of the Western Balkans have agreed to reduce and possibly abolish their roaming charges. Starting in July, the deal will cut prices by 27% in Kosovo, Serbia, Albania, Montenegro, northern Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Work on regional connectivity continues - PM

Brnabic said that her government has set digitization and education as their absolute priorities in order to take advantage of all the chances that are being offered to us today.

Pride March Will ‘Empower Human Rights in Bosnia’

The pride march will be held under the motto "Ima izac'" meaning "There's someone to come out" - which is also a phrase once used on Bosnian buses, when passengers would tell the driver to stop so they could get off the bus.

Croatia’s Zagreb Courts Controversy with Potential UAE Makeover

But the potential UAE investment risks running into the same kind of objections that have dogged the Belgrade Waterfront development - from architects and residents fearful of the impact on their city, to civil society organisations and experts who decry the lack of transparency that frequently characterise such projects.

World Bank: Economies of the Western Balkans Are Growing Faster

Reforms are lagging behind, the report said, quoted by NOVA TV. 

Economic growth in the Western Balkans has accelerated to 3.8% in 2018, but is vulnerable to "rising external and internal risks," including geopolitical disputes and lagging reforms, the World Bank said.

Croatian Journalists Mourn Veteran Photographer Hrvoje Polan

"Suddenly, at the age of 48, the photojournalist Hrvoje Polan has left us. For nearly three decades, Hrvoje has been dealing with news and documentary photography," the Croatian Journalists' Association announced on Monday.

Polan worked for numerous newspapers and agencies, from satirical Croatian weekly magazine Feral Tribune to Reuters, before going freelance.