Latest News from Bosnia and Herzegovina

Int'l envoy says Turkey a 'stability' factor in Balkans

Turkey is contributing to the stability in the Balkans both politically and culturally, said an international envoy.

"Turkey is a factor of stability in the Balkans both in the political and cultural area," High Representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina Valentin Inzko said told Anadolu Agency in an exclusive interview.

Bosnia Arrests Suspected Former ISIS Fighters on Return Home

Members of Bosnia's State Investigation and Protection Agency, SIPA, arrested suspected former ISIS fighters in Syria after they landed at Sarajevo airport on Thursday night.

Boris Grubesic, from the State Prosecutor's Office, said the men are suspected of the crime of organising or joining terrorist groups,

Bosnian War Crime Cases Halted as Ageing Defendants Die

"The court does not work slowly. It acts on all indictments filed by the Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina without delay and has the capacity to process them. However, the indictment filing dynamics and timing comes under the exclusive responsibility of the Bosnian state prosecution," the state court said.

Serbian Church to Rally in Montenegro Against Property Law

Tensions in Montenegro could be heightened after the Serbian Orthodox Church holds an assembly and a protest rally in Niksic on Saturday against a controversial new law on religion.

Former CIA Chief: Washington returns to the Balkans, which is not good news

Trump administration has once again become entangled in the Balkans, he said, for two reasons, one of them being Russia, and now there is a "spy war" on the territory. He told Balkan politicians, and above all Serbia, to try to fight for what it wanted.

Interpol Warrants Issued for Two Bosnian Serb War Convicts

Bosnia and Herzegovina is seeking the arrests of Bosnian Serb ex-policeman Darko Mrdja and ex-military policeman Dragan Marjanovic, who both absconded after second-instance verdicts convicted them of wartime crimes.

'Red notices' calling on countries worldwide to assist in detaining them have been posted on Interpol's website.

‘Ziraat unit drops plan to buy stake in Simit Sarayı’

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has said he disapproves of plans regarding a unit of state-owned lender Ziraat buying a stake in bakery chain Simit Sarayı and that this plan has been dropped.

Hague Prosecutor: Balkan States Cooperating Poorly on War Cases

Serge Brammertz, the chief prosecutor at the Mechanism for International Criminal Tribunals, told a meeting of prosecutors from former Yugoslav countries about cooperation in war crime cases in Sarajevo on Wednesday that "too little has been done on regional cooperation in the past three years".

BIRN Launches Updated Map of Balkan War Crime Verdicts

The Balkan Investigative Reporting Network on Wednesday published its updated and improved War Crimes Verdicts Map, enabling users to search rulings in cases from courts across the former Yugoslavia and from the UN tribunal in The Hague.

Convictions Urged for Bosnian Serb Wartime Camp Guards

The Bosnian prosecution in its closing statement on Tuesday urged the state court in Sarajevo to convict Boris Bosnjak, Milos Mavrak, Miodrag Grubacic and Ilija Djajic of crimes against humanity.

Bosnia’s New State PM Reveals Ministerial Lineup

Zoran Tegeltija, the recently appointed chairman of the Council of Ministers - Bosnia's state-level government - on Tuesday finally completed the composition of his cabinet, 14 months after the last legislative elections in the country.

Foreigners in one out of nine jobs in Slovenia

The overall number of people in a job in the country increased by half a percent from September and by 1.8% since October 2018, according to a report from the Statistics Office.

Roughly 10% of those having a job (92,885) were self-employed. Their number fell by 1.6% year-on-year. The number of other people in employment rose by 2.2% in the same time to 808,400.

Bosnian Taxpayers Funding Spread of Hardline Salafi Message

Three non-governmental organisations involved in organising Da'i lectures have received a total of KM 19,000, or some 9,500 euros, from state or local budgets in the past four years, BIRN has found.

Most of the money has been spent on Da'wah activities which seek to spread the faith.

Yugoslav Flags at Pop Concert Enrage Croatian Generals

Four retired Croatian generals - Ivan Tolj, Ivan Kapular, Marinko Kresic and Mile Cuk - issued a statement on Sunday saying that it was a "national shame" that Yugoslav flags under which crimes were committed against the Croatian people were flown at concerts by Lepa Brena in Zagreb.

Ratko Mladic’s Appeal Set for March 2020

The appeals chamber of Mechanism for International Criminal Tribunals has scheduled Ratko Mladic's appeal for March 17 next year, as the former Bosnian Serb military commander challenges the first-instance verdict sentencing him to life imprisonment.