Latest News from Bosnia and Herzegovina

Liz Truss with Bosnia-Herzegovina's officials today

As previously reported, the British Minister should first meet with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bosnia-Herzegovina Bisera Turkovi, and then meetings with members of the Presidency of Bosnia-Herzegovina will follow.

Serbian Academics Denounce Croatian Counterparts’ “Inflammatory” Demands

Serbia's Academy of Sciences and Arts, SANU, has dismissed as an "inflammatory political pamphlet" a paper drafted by its Croatian counterpart setting out the demands it says Zagreb should make as part of the negotiation process on the European Union accession of Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Srebrenica: Why Did Two Countries Indict the Same Bosnian Serb General?

"The aforementioned buses must head towards the sports stadium in Bratunac on July 12, 1995, by 4.30 pm at the latest," it added.

The order was signed by Milenko Zivanovic, a general who at the time was the commander of the Bosnian Serb Army's Drina Corps.

Serbia, Bosnian Serb Entity, Salute Russia on Victory Day

Serbia and Bosnia's Serb-dominated entity, Repubika Srpska, on Monday celerbrated Victory Day, the day when Russia marks its victory over Nazi Germany in 1945 with huge parades in Moscow.

At a time when support for Russia is controversial in Europe, EU candidate Serbia sent messages of support to the EU as well as Russia.

Serbia Convicts Bosniak Military Prison Chief of Beating Prisoners

Belgrade Higher Court on Monday sentenced Husein Mujanovic, the commander of a military prison in Hrasnica near Sarajevo during the Bosnian war, to ten years of prison for the abuse of Bosnian Serb inmates in 1992.

Serbian War Crimes Prosecution ‘Extremely Inefficient’, Report Says

A new report published by the Belgrade-based Humanitarian Law Centre on Friday accuses the Serbian War Crimes Prosecutor's Office of being "extremely inefficient", while also raising concerns that over a half of the court hearings in war crime trials last year were postponed for COVID-related reasons.

One in every three Turks clinically obese: Report

Nearly a third of the Turkish population, or 32.1 percent, comprises obese people, whereas 66.8 percent of the population is either overweight or obese, according to a World Health Organization (WHO) report released during the 29th European Congress on Obesity in Maastricht, the Netherlands.

Germany gets the green light of the USA: As for Serbia...

According to Novosti, the new German government wants to put an end to the issue of Kosovo. Germany's strong diplomatic engagement also aims to push Russia out of the region, confirm Serbia's position as a key country in this area and speed up the path to the EU.

Media Freedom Remains Major Concern in Balkans, Watchdog Says

Reporters Without Borders' 2022 World Press Freedom Index, published on Tuesday, says that over the past year there has been a large increase in "polarisation amplified by information chaos" - a phenomenon that has also affected the troubled media environment in the Balkans.