Latest News from Bosnia and Herzegovina

Croatia Criticised for Plan to Lease Ex-Yugoslavia Resorts

Croatia's Ministry of State Property told BIRN that no legal grounds exist for returning or paying refunds for property that neighbouring countries held in Croatia before Yugoslavia broke up.

Pristina's tax discriminates against everything Serbian - PM

The Serbian prime minister was addressing a press conference after a working breakfast organized by the current EU presidency holder, Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, with other Western Balkans prime ministers.

Brnabic indicated that Serbia is turned toward the future, but regrettably, the region is moving backwards every now and again.

Kosovo Tax Hike Halves Imports From Serbia, Bosnia

Serbia's Chamber of Commerce said exports to Kosovo had fallen by 50 per cent since Pristina slapped taxes on goods from Serbia and Bosnia, while the trade deadlock continues.

Kosovo imposed tariffs of 10 per cent on products from Serbia and Bosnia for their "negative behaviour towards Kosovo", on November 6. Neither country recognises Kosovo's independence.

US ambassador says he had "excellent" meeting with Vucic

They discussed bilateral relations, economic cooperation and the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue, Tanjug said, citing a press release from the president's office.

Vucic informed Scott that, by introducing taxes on goods from Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina, Pristina had violated the Central European Free Trade Agreement (CEFTA).

Croatia Indicts Bosnian Serb for Manjaca Camp Abuses

Croatia’s state attorney charged a former Bosnian Serb Army officer with involvement in violence against prisoners of war detained at the Manjaca camp in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1992.

Kurz invites Western Balkans PMs to Vienna on Nov. 19

The talks will be attended by the prime ministers of Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro, the chairman of the Council of Ministers of Bosnia-Herzegovina, and the prime minister of the interim institutions in Pristina.

The Prime Minister of Serbia Ana Brnabic is also expected to attend the Vienna meeting.

Brnabic attends Berlin ceremonial dinner with Merkel

Merkel and Brnabic "sat at the same table in the ceremonial hall of the German Historical Museum," the agency said.

The prime minister said that the dinner was "an opportunity to talk to the German chancellor on various issues," the Serbian government announced.

Bosnian Minister Floats Hopes of Progress Towards NATO

With a meeting of NATO foreign ministers scheduled for December 5 in Brussels, Bosnian Defence Minister Marina Pendes said on Tuesday that she hopes they will recommend the activation of the country's Membership Action Plan, MAP, eight years after it was first proposed.

But Pendes cautioned that this would just be a step on the road to eventual membership.

Bosnian Serb, Croat Parties Hatch Coalition Agreement

Ahead of the formation of new governments in Bosnia after the October 7 elections, Milorad Dodik, leader of the Alliance of Independent Social Democrats, SNSD, and Dragan Covic, the head of Bosnia's Croatian Democratic Union, HDZ, on Monday confirmed a coalition agreement after a meeting in East Sarajevo.

Bosnia Courts Struggle to Address Rise in People Smuggling

Bosnian courts have done little to address the problem of people-smuggling, which is believed to be growing, as thousands of people attempt to cross from the non-EU Bosnia into EU-member Croatia.

Kosovo Serbs Threaten Protests Over Import Tariffs

Srpska Lista warned on Friday that it will take to the streets if the Kosovo government does not withdraw its decision to impose a ten per cent customs tariff on products from Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

"If Pristina's unlawful measures are not withdrawn, Srpska Lista will invite citizens to peaceful protests," the party said in a statement.

Austria's Petritsch 'Not Against' Kosovo-Serbia Border Changes

Veteran Austrian diplomat Wolfgang Petritsch on Thursday said that while he generally opposed territorial changes in principle - in the case of a mutual agreement between Kosovo and Serbia, he would not reject the idea.

"I'm one of the few who, when this idea appeared … did not belong to these people who automatically said 'No'," he told BIRN Kosovo's TV show Jeta ne Kosove.

Bosnians mark anniversary of Mostar Bridge destruction

Despite the political division, economic problems or corruption in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the destruction of Old Bridge in Mostar revives heartbreaking memories every year at the beginning of November. Click through for the story in photos...

Kosovo Customs Tariff Alarms Bosnia's Dairy Farmers

Bosnian foodstuff producers are worried after Kosovo imposed a 10-per-cent customs tariff on imports from Bosnia and Serbia this week, citing their hostility towards Kosovo.

The trade balance between the two countries is unequal; the value of Bosnian exports to Kosovo is about ten times larger than Kosovo's exports to Bosnia.

Bosnia Braces for Dodik's Inauguration to Presidency

Before taking up his new post as Serbian member of Bosnia's tripartite presidency, Milorad Dodik announced on Wednesday that he will take an oath before the assembly of Bosnia's Serb-dominated entity, Republika Srpska, the day before is sworn in.