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BIRN Fact-Check: The Questionable Claims of Bosnia’s Dodik

Dodik blaming foreign powers for the tensions in Bosnia, accused them of wanting to create "a Muslim state" and warned that any move by the European Union to exclude the Republika Srpska from its initiatives in the country would only "cement the independence" of the entity.

Brammertz: "I am grateful to Vucic"

"I welcome today's announcement by Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic that Serbia is taking steps to strengthen legal co-operation with Bosnia-Herzegovina on war crimes cases. This is important for building trust between the two countries and supporting justice," Brammertz wrote on Twitter.

Bosnia Train Massacre Trial Witness ‘Not Mentally Ill’

Ratko Kovacevic, a medical expert commissioned by the court to analyse the psychological condition of witness Mitrasin Glisic, told the trial of four Serb ex-fighters at Belgrade Higher Court on Thursday that the witness does not have any mental illnesses.

Logar vows Slovenia’s support for Bosnia’s EU accession efforts

Ljubljana – Foreign Minister Anže Logar assured his Bosnian counterpart Bisera Turković on Tuesday of Slovenia’s support for Bosnia-Herzegovina’s EU accession process, including when it comes to reforms the country needs to adopt to join the bloc. Turković said her country was ready for EU candidate status.

Croatia’s New Border-Monitoring Mechanism Seen as ‘Toothless’ and ‘Ineffective’

Establishing the Croatian border-monitoring mechanism has turned into a litmus test for the EU in its attempt to build an effective, comprehensive, lasting and humanitarian solution to an increasing number of EU member states, including Greece and Romania as well as Croatia, using pushbacks to halt migration flows.

Croatian NGO Doubts Violent Pushback Was ‘Individual’ Act

After a number of European media outlets published disturbing footage of a violent migrant pushback on Croatian territory last week, government officials condemned the incident - but insisted it was an act of individuals, not of the police as an institution.

North Macedonia Government Ranks First in Openness index of Western Balkans

According to the latest Openness Index, which ranked the governments and parliaments in four countries from the Western Balkans - North Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro, and Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Government of North Macedonia was ranked first on the list, while the country's Parliament was ranked third, reported.

Share Your Experience: Position of Female Journalists Across the Balkans

Illustration. Unsplash/Vanilla Bear Films

We are well aware of the fact that media outlets across the region are struggling over finances and political interference, but we also know that female media workers are usually first to be hit. We want to map challenges you face as a woman in your daily work and we need your help.  

Investigation finds illegal, violent pushbacks at EU borders

Migrants are suffering sometimes-violent illegal pushbacks carried out by special police units at the EU's borders, especially Greece and Croatia, an investigation published on Oct. 6 by media including Germany's Der Spiegel found.

Western Balkans' EU Bid Put into Question

As EU leaders gather for a summit on Wednesday on how to keep engaging with their Western Balkans neighbors, the bloc's once-successful enlargement policy faces an impasse, AP reported.