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Bulgaria's MEP Maria Gabriel: We Should Focus on Building Local Capacity

The representation of the European Commission in Bulgaria has called on the regional and local authorities to play a leading role in the recovery from the Covid-19 crisis. When developing EU programs, it is important that, taking into account local priorities, investments are made in critical areas such as healthcare, climate change and digitization.

43 Newly Registered COVID-19 Cases in Bulgaria on June 7, Total: 2711

43 of the 816 samples examined for the past 24 hours have given a positive result according to the data of the National Information System.

The distribution by districts is as follows: Pazardzhik - 21; Pernik - 1; Razgrad - 2; Sliven - 10; Smolyan - 1; Sofia region - 1; Sofia - 4; Shumen - 2; Yambol - 1.

Bulgaria: 90 000 People Lost Their Jobs, 57,000 Have Found a New One

Since the start of the state of emergency in Bulgaria, 90,000 people lost their jobs, while almost 57,000 have found new jobs. Every day there are people who lose their jobs and find new employment. The good thing is that in the last two weeks there are more people who find a job than those who lose theirs, Bulgaria's Minister of Social Affairs Denitsa Sacheva told Nova TV.

The Future of Bitcoin in Bulgaria

According to recent statistics, Bulgaria is the second country with the highest number of bitcoins in the entire world. This fact only speaks about the interests in bitcoins in Bulgaria. There was a recent rise in bitcoins ownership in Bulgaria. The Bulgarian government owns more than 213.000 bitcoins. Bitcoins in this country are worth more than $804 million.

Week in Review: Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

(Un)Happy Nationalists

Relations between Bulgaria and North Macedonia have taken a turn for the worse over the last few months. At the heart of the worsening bilateral relations is a dispute over the Macedonian language, as well as interpretation of key figures and events from the joint recent past of the two countries.

Where and When We Will be Able to Travel for the Rest of 2020

Tourists from all over the world are already looking at the summer months in the hope that they will finally be able to fulfill the long-awaited vacation.

With a number of countries easing the measures and some of them opening their borders to foreigners as early as this month, expectations that summer 2020 may not be limited to visiting parks and gardens are rising again.

2668 Cases of COVID-19 in Bulgaria, 41 New Cases

41 new cases of coronavirus infection have been registered in the past 24 hours. That's 6 more than the day before. The conducted tests are 1,196. The total number of registered coronavirus patients in Bulgaria has reached 2,668 people. 

The Weather Today in Bulgaria - June 6th

Before noon it will be cloudy, but with almost no precipitation. In the afternoon, the clouds, cumulus and cumulonimbus, will be significant and in places in the western half of the country it will rain for a short time. At night a light to moderate wind will blow from the south, and during the day - moderate to strong from the south-southeast.

Bulgaria's Establishment of State Oil Company is Approved at First Reading

Bulgaria's MPs approved at first reading the establishment of State Oil Company. The opposition also voted in favor of the proposal. 148 MPs voted in favor, 1 MP voted against and 4 MPs abstained. The draft envisages the creation of nearly 100 state-owned petrol stations on state or municipal land.

The Weather Today in Bulgaria - June 5th

Today, light to moderate, in Eastern Bulgaria and north of the mountains to strong winds will be carried warm air. Before noon it will be mostly sunny, but from the west the clouds will increase and thicken. In the evening, light rain will fall in some places in the western regions.

Istanbul’s first international flights to include Greece

Turkey is planning to resume international flights to 40 countries in the upcoming period in June, local media reported on Thursday.
Broadcaster NTV said the first flights would be on June 10 from Istanbul to a few countries including Greece, Bulgaria, Bahrain and Qatar.

2627 Cases of COVID-19 in Bulgaria, 34 New Cases

34 new cases of Covid-19 have been confirmed in Bulgaria in the past 24 hours, or 9 more as compared to the previous day, the National Information Website on Covid-19 announced. 

13 new cases of the novel coronavirus were registered in Sarnitsa municipality. 149 of all patients diagnosed with Covid-19 are admitted to hospitals, of whom 8 in intensive-care units.

140 Years Since the Establishment of Bulgarian Lev

Today marks 140 years since the establishment of the Bulgarian lev.

On June 4, 1880, the Law on the Right to Cut Coins in the Principality of Bulgaria was promulgated and entered into force, the BNB announced. This law created the national currency "lev", divided into one hundred parts - "stotinki", and determined the weight, metal content and images of Bulgarian coins.