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Bulgaria’s Government Proposes Extension of the Coronavirus State of Emergency

Bulgaria's Council of Ministers on April 1 decided to propose to the Parliament to extend the state of emergency to 13 May 2020.

The state of emergency was initially introduced for one month. It was approved by Bulgaria's Parliament on March 13 as a measure to limit the spread of the new coronavirus.

422 COVID-19 Infected in Bulgaria, 207 are Hospitalized

422 are the confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Bulgaria according to data from the National Operational Headquarters. The new laboratory-proven cases are 10, 8 of them in Sofia and 2 of them in Blagoevgrad.

207 of the infected are hospitalized,18 of whom are in intensive care units.

There are 241 COVID-19 infected men and 181 COVID-19 infected women.

Petrol Stations: The Fuel Consumption Dropped by between 40 and 80% because of the State of Emergency

After Bulgaria declared a state of emergency because of the coronavirus, fuel consumption dropped by more than 40% in major cities and highways, and nearly 80% in small towns. The situation also creates great discomfort in fuel prices. This is commented on BGNES spokesman of the National Association of Traders and Transporters of Fuel Simo Simov.

The Border Checkpoints through which the “Green Corridors” Border for Supply of Goods will Pass are now Clear

The Council of Ministers has defined the border points on Bulgarian territory through which unobstructed passage of commodities will be ensured. The plan for securing "green corridors" along the European road network has been proposed by the Minister for Transport, Information Technology and Communications. It complies with the guidelines of the European Commission of 16 March 2020.

Weather Forecast: Cloudy with Rain or Snow

Today, it will be cloudy across the country, with widespread snow, or rain in southeastern Bulgaria and along the Black Sea coast.  

Light to moderate east-northeast wind will blow, increasing to temporarily strong in the east. Maximum temperatures mainly between 0C and 5C, in Sofia - 1-2C.

412 COVID-19 Infected in Bulgaria

A total of 412 people are infected with a coronavirus in Bulgaria.

The first case of COVID-19 was registered in Ruse as well. This was announced at a briefing at the National Operations Headquarters. General Ventsislav Mutafchiiski reported that there are 13 more cases of COVID-19 infected in Bulgaria. 

Roma: Europe’s Neglected Coronavirus Victims

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Don't Leave Roma Out of EU Enlargement Talks

Roma Face Brunt of Western Balkans Demographic Crisis

From the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia to Bulgaria, Romania, Kosovo and Serbia, Roma are often confined to overcrowded neighbourhoods with limited access to infrastructure including clean water and sewage.

Eight EU member-states ask for trucking reform halt

Cyprus and seven other member-states have asked the European Union to support road transport firms hit by the coronavirus outbreak and halt work on reforms to truck drivers' working conditions, which they said would leave vulnerable companies worse off.

Bulgaria’s GDP to Decline by 3% in the Worst Case Scenario

The latest budgetary changes adopted by the Bulgarian government are based on the worst case scenario for the development of the COVID-19 crisis, this country's Minister of Finance Vladislav Goranov said. We have developed three different scenarios, but we assume the most negative one, in order to guarantee the functioning of all public systems until the end of 2020.

399 COVID-19 Cases in Bulgaria

399 are the confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Bulgaria according to data from the National Operational Headquarters. The new laboratory-proven cases are 20, 19 of them in Sofia and one in Pernik.

146 of the infected are hospitalized,14 of whom are intubated.

There are 227 COVID-19 infected men and 172 COVID-19 infected women.

PM Borissov: Bulgaria is Interested in Buying 30,000 PCR Tests from South Korea

Prime Minister Boyko Borissov held a telephone conversation with President of the Republic of Korea Moon Jae-in. The two leaders discussed current information on the spread of COVID-19 and effective measures to curb the disease. At the beginning of the conversation, it was noted that the two countries are working to put the coronavirus epidemic under control.

Another 25 COVID-19 Infected in Bulgaria

The number of coronavirus infected in the country is already 379. This was announced at a briefing at the National Operations Headquarters. General Ventsislav Mutafchiiski reported that there are 25 more cases of COVID-19 infected in Bulgaria. 

113 of the patients are hospitalized. The intubated are in intensive care units.

Weather Foreast: Mostly Cloudy with Rain

Today, the weather across Bulgaria will be mostly cloudy, with light, scattered rain. Moderate, or temporarily strong in the Danubian Plain and eastern Bulgaria, winds will bring cold air from the north-northeast. In the evening, precipitation in western Bulgaria will intensify and quickly turn to snow, which will accumulate overnight.

“The Global PR Revolution” by Maxim Behar Now in Ebook Format in Bulgarian

One of the most successful PR books at the moment "The Global PR Revolution" by Maxim Behar is now available in ebook format in Bulgarian language. The book can be purchased from the website of Helikon bookstore and in the next weeks it will be offered by some other online stores, as well.

Inventive Bulgarians Brainstorm Ideas to Ease Corona Crisis

Amid fears about the long-term effects of the coronavirus pandemic on the country's health system and economy, Bulgaria's busiest minds are searching for fresh ideas to tackle the challenges ahead.