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COVID-19 in Bulgaria: 92 New Cases in the Last 24 hours

Ninety-two new cases of coronavirus have been registered in the last 24 hours in Bulgaria. No confirmed contagious people have died, according to data from the Unified Information Portal.

The new cases were identified by 1,028 tests (nearly 8.95 percent were positive).

The EU Mustn’t Betray its Promises to the Western Balkans

There is no reciprocity in this latter demand, despite repeated judgments of the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg calling on Bulgaria to recognise a Macedonian minority in Bulgaria, which successive Bulgarian governments have ignored.

COVID-19 in Bulgaria: 121 New Cases in the Last 24 hours

One hundred and twenty-one are the new cases of coronavirus in Bulgaria in the last 24 hours. 8.5% of the 1425 tests performed are positive, according to the updated data of the Unified Information Portal at midnight.

Most new cases are in Sofia - 56, followed by Varna district with 9 newly infected.

The Italian Language is a Favorite of many Young Bulgarians

The Italian language continues to be popular in Bulgaria. The language of Giovanni Boccaccio and Dante Alighieri is very popular and loved, especially among young Bulgarians, for whom, in addition to Italian music, it is the language of aesthetics and parts, which they touch when visiting Italy.

Bulgaria: Warning of significant Rainfall and Thunder Today

Rainfall and thunderstorms will occur today mainly in the eastern parts of the country. In some places the precipitation will be intense and significant in quantity, accompanied by a temporary increase in wind. There are conditions for hail.

COVID-19 in Bulgaria: 208 New Cases in the Last 24 hours

The new cases of coronavirus in Bulgaria for the past day are 208 with 3143 tests performed, according to data from the Unified Information Portal.

6.6 percent of the tested samples are positive.

The total number of confirmed cases of coronavirus infection in Bulgaria is 1,167,914. The active cases are 61,770.

Bulgarian PM Petkov sees a Possibility of a Different Prime Minister from his Party

Prime Minister Kiril Petkov commented on BNT on the hottest topic in the political sphere in Bulgaria - the upcoming vote of no confidence in the government.

"I would not say that we should talk about failure. This is a continuation of a change that began last year and it is very difficult," he said.

Week in Review: Juggling Acts and Trojan Horses

On the Brink

Bulgarian Prime Minister Kiril Petkov arrives for the European Council Summit in Brussels, Belgium, 24 March 2022.-EFE/JULIEN WARNAND

Greece – Bulgaria NG pipeline undergoes last test

The small, in length, but strategically important IGB pipeline, which connects the Bulgarian system with the Greek natural gas transmission system and the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP), will start commercial operation, next month, in July. Today (17 June) the pipeline will undergo final testing  with the introduction of the last quantities of 1.5 million cubic meters of gas.

Bulgaria’s Embattled LGBT Community Eyes Calmer Celebration This Year

Sofia Pride marks its 15th edition this week with various activities, including exhibitions, film screenings and, on Saturday June 18, an open-air concert featuring some of the best-known local performers followed by a march for equal rights. 

Report: The State of the Bulgarian Defense is Alarming

Preventive action is needed against Russian aggression in Ukraine, including the deployment of NATO troops and forces on our territory. The Alliance's previous presence in the southeast has no alternative.