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June 9 International Archives Day: New Documents about Vasil Levski will be Released

June 9 is International Archives Day. The documents stored in archival institutions are of interest not only to historians, but are essential for our entire society. That is why it is not a coincidence that today we have chosen to share with you the news about the publication of a new collection of documents about the life and work of Vasil Levski.

World Bank: Bulgarian Economy to Decline 6.2% for 2020 and Growth of 4.3% in 2021

The coronavirus crisis will shrink the global gross domestic product by 5.2% in 2020. For the Bulgarian economy, the forecast is a decline of 6.2% for 2020 and a recovery next year to a growth of 4.3%. This is data indicated in the World Bank's Global Economic Prospects reports.

EP Transport Committee Rejects Bulgarian Amendments to Mobility Package

The Transport Committee of the European Parliament on June 8 rejected the amendments to the Mobility package, introduced after its first reading, among which was the proposal of the Bulgarian MEPs to drop the return of lorries and drivers in the country.

Vasil Bozhkov Plans to Return to Bulgaria

Bulgarian prosecutors call Vasil Bozhkov the nation's most dangerous man. Now the fugitive gambling tycoon is planning to return home to exonerate himself by toppling the government.

The Weather Today in Bulgaria - June 9th

Today before noon it will be mostly sunny, mainly over Eastern Bulgaria. Around noon, almost all over the country, will develop cumulus and cumulonimbus clouds. There will be short-term rainfall and in places in the western half will be intense, accompanied by thunder. There will be conditions for hail. Maximum temperatures will be between 26 ° and 31 °, according to the NIMH forecast.

83 New Cases of COVID-19 in Bulgaria on June 9

Of the 1406 samples examined for the past 24 hours, 83 have given a positive result, according to the data in the National Information System.

The distribution by districts is as follows: Blagoevgrad - 2; Lovech - 1; Pazardzhik - 3; Pleven - 1; Razgrad - 3; Sliven - 1; Smolyan - 52; Sofia region - 4; Sofia - 14; Stara Zagora - 1; Shumen - 1.

Bulgaria: 48 Workers in Dospat Tested Positive for COVID-19

A total of 48 workers from a workshop in the town of Dospat in southern Bulgaria have tested positive for coronavirus infection, according to updated data from the Regional Health Inspectorate.

Bulgaria Ranks 48th in Dealing With COVID-19

Bulgaria ranks 48th out of a total of 200 countries in the world in a comprehensive assessment of tackling the coronavirus epidemic, which includes an assessment of the effectiveness of quarantine, the level of preparedness and response to health care, the economy and overall government action. This is according to the analysis of the Deep Knowledge Group consortium.

As of today, Slovenia is open for 14 more countries - Serbia is not on the list

Earlier, the citizens of Austria, Croatia and Hungary were allowed to cross the border of Slovenia, and now that list has been expanded to 14 more countries, STA reports.
Citizens of Bulgaria, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Liechtenstein, Norway, Slovakia and Switzerland are allowed to enter Slovenia.

16 New Cases of COVID-19, Total of 2727 in Bulgaria on June 8

For the last 24 hours, 427 samples were tested for the new coronavirus, of which 16 were positive. This is shown by the National Information System.

The distribution by districts is as follows: Blagoevgrad - 2; Pazardzhik - 2; Sliven - 2; Sofia - 10.

The Weather Today in Bulgaria - June 7th

Today the clouds will be significant. In many places there will be short-term and in the afternoon temporarily intense rainfall accompanied by thunder. There will be almost no precipitation over the eastern regions of the country. The wind will be light, mostly from east-southeast. Maximum temperatures will be between 23 ° and 28 °.