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Mihajlovic: „Serbian highways by world standards’’

„This is a great year for Serbia. Certain highways are being finalized, we are starting new ones. I am happy, so is everyone in the Government of Serbia and I believe that the citizens are too. We can be proud of what we have done, what we are doing right now and what is going to be done'', said the Minister of Construction, Transport and Instrastructure for TV Prva, Zorana Mihajlovi.

Donald Trump Should Call a Serbia-Kosovo Summit

Ever since the dialogue stalled after Serbia succeeded in thwarting Kosovo's bid for membership in Interpol last autumn and Kosovo's former Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj immediately retaliated by imposing a 100 per cent tariff on Serbian goods, we've been hearing similar entreaties repeatedly.

Serbian Opposition Leans Toward Election Boycott

Parties in the opposition Alliance for Serbia are united in opposing the Progressive-led government - but not united on whether to participate in upcoming elections.

A majority of representatives have hinted that a boycott might be the best solution.

North Macedonia Frees Kosovo Ex-Guerrilla Wanted by Serbia

Former KLA fighter Tomor Morina was released from detention and returned to Kosovo on Wednesday afternoon after North Macedonia's Supreme Court earlier the same day ruled that there were no legal grounds for his extradition to Serbia.

Kosovo's Foreign Minister Behgjet Pacolli welcomed the release.

Kosovo Government: Kosovo had never impeded the dialogue with Serbia

They said that they are prepared to sit down at the table to find a final, legally binding agreement within existing borders, which leads to mutual recognition.
Commenting on the request of the Quint countries for the resumption of dialogue, a statement from the outgoing prime minister's cabinet said for Radio Free Europe that "no conditions should be set on that process".

BIRN Fact Check: Is Serbia a World Leader for Foreign Investment?

Serbian news agency Tanjug reported on Monday afternoon that according to a ranking in the Financial Times, Serbia is first in the world for attracting foreign direct investments in relation to the size of its economy.

Western Govts Urge End to Kosovo-Serbia Dialogue Stalemate

The five so-called 'Quint' countries - US, Britain, France, Germany and Italy - called on the Pristina and Belgrade governments on Tuesday to stop creating obstacles to the restart of the EU-mediated dialogue, which has been stalled since last year.