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Confirmed: Serbia introduces PCR test and quarantine for foreigners

He emphasized for Tanjug that at the next session of the Crisis Staff, which will be held this week, it will be specified which countries it will refer to.
As he stated, Serbia now has a better epidemiological situation than a month ago, and that needs to be preserved.

In Serbia, 254 newly infected, six people died

Six more people died.
According to the data from the site, the total number of registered cases is 28.751, while 770.997 got tested.
In the last 24 hours, 8.768 people were tested, out of which another 254 cases of coronavirus infection were confirmed.
In the past day, six people died and a total of 658 patients died in Serbia as a result of COVID-19.

Many socialists would "fly over" to the SNS?

If the president of Serbia and the Serbian Progressive Party, Aleksandar Vucic, decides to form a new government without the Socialists, it will not only greatly weaken the SPS, but will also jeopardize Ivica Dacic's position as the head of the party, "Danas" sources from the Serbian political scene claim.

Kon: The vaccine will not provide the safest protection; Masks for a longer period

Kon told RTS that the numbers still show that we have no "zero" situation anywhere.
He pointed out that the creation of collective immunity without vaccination would take several years, so much is expected from the vaccine.
"Miracle is expected from a vaccine, and miracles generally don't happen", Kon pointed out.

Don’t Blame Balkan Citizens For the Latest COVID Surge

What explains this shift, from being the region that initially had among the fewest cases in Europe, to a surge?

Some country-specific reasons might explain individual cases, such as recent elections in Serbia and North Macedonia, or the government crisis in Kosovo, or protests in Montenegro and Serbia. However, none provides an overarching regional perspective.

Dr Kisić Tepavčević explained how the first day of school will look like

Kisi Tepvaevi emphasized the importance of implementing the prescribed protection measures in the fight against coronavirus in schools and added that students can wear protective masks made of any material.
She told RTS that the first day of the new school year will be dedicated to educating elementary and high school students about coronavirus prevention.

In Serbia, 235 newly infected, six people died

Six people died.
In the last 24 hours, 8.086 people were tested for coronavirus, 235 of them were positive, while, unfortunately, six people died.
According to the latest official data from the Ministry of Health, there are 91 patients on respirators in hospitals throughout Serbia, which is the lowest number since July 5 (81).

In Serbia, 96 new cases of coronavirus, one person died

One person died. The mortality rate is now 2.05%.
During the last 24 hours, 6.098 people were tested, and a total of 319.581 tests have been done so far.
There are currently 568 active cases in Serbia, and there are 17 patients on respirators.
Since the beginning of the epidemic, 12.522 cases of coronavirus have been registered in Serbia, while 257 people have died.

Thousands Quarantined in Serbian Town for Refuelling Over Border

Several thousand residents of a small border town in Serbia had to spend almost a month in self-isolation because they had bought petrol over the border in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and so were classed as having re-entered the country from abroad.

"Serbia is too small to issue orders to the White House, however..."

He commented on the upcoming meeting in Washington, scheduled for June 27.
"I don't know what the topic will be, or which delegation will go. I expect a rational conversation. Serbia is small to command the White House, but big enough to emphasize its interests," he said.
He once again denied allegations that Serbia would recognize Kosovo on the eve of Vidovdan.

BIRN Fact-check: Has Serbia’s Ruling Party Kept Its Promises?

The current government in Serbia began its mandate in 2016 with Aleksandar Vucic as prime minister.

A year later, Vucic quit to become Serbian president, while Ana Brnabic took over the baton, becoming Serbia's first female and openly gay prime minister.

After taking office, in their speeches to parliament, the two of them made a total of 99 pledges.

US and EU Policy on Kosovo is in Disarray

Both the EU and the US opposed tariffs on the grounds that they are an obstacle to the resumption of Kosovo-Serbia dialogue. For the first time in decades, Kosovo found itself on the receiving end of international criticism, with the West effectively succumbing to Serbia's demand for an unconditional lifting of the tariffs as a condition to resume the dialogue.