Latest News from Serbia

Media: Chaos on the streets of Serbia envisaged; "Participants sprinkled with purple"

It should be reminded that the "Go-start" initiative announced that they would block highways throughout Serbia during the protest on Saturday, but the newspaper Kurir states that the announcement of the "Purple Revolution" association has arrived in their editorial office, announcing that they will mark all cars with purple paint which will take part in the blockade.

Croatia Finds Ten Suspected War Victims’ Bodies Near Vukovar

The Croatian Veterans' Ministry told BIRN that preliminary findings show that human remains discovered at an illegal landfill between the villages of Pacetin and Bobota near Vukovar are those of at least ten people who were middle-aged or older.

Havana Syndrome: The Perfect Disease for a Post-Truth World

Yet, mysteriously, there was no physical contact. By spring 2017 there were more than 80 alleged cases. Their medical diagnosis was akin to a "concussion without a concussion." Shortly after, more than two dozen personnel and family members attached to the Canadian Embassy in Havana began to report similar symptoms, but no noises. The "Havana Syndrome" was born.

Is Berlin changing its approach towards Belgrade?

According to her, that change could happen when her party takes over the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany, as envisaged by the coalition agreement.

Serbia’s War on Free Media is Moving to ‘Street Level’

Vucic and his followers have created a hostile environment for newsrooms and individuals who criticize the government. Journalists who are called traitors and foreign mercenaries by members of the regime say everything is "allowed". It reminds us of the atmosphere of lynching, which we'd naively believed had gone down in history.

The first snow in Serbia caused a collapse: A convoy of vehicles heading to Zlatibor

There was a traffic jam in front of one of the tunnels leading to this mountain.
"We have been waiting for almost half an hour to continue the journey, the lane is huge. They told us that the police would come to regulate the traffic on this section," said one of the drivers who found himself on the main road to Zlatibor.

Vučić: "I didn't sign the law"; "The excavator driver has serious bodily injuries"

"I did not sign the law on expropriation, and I did sign the law on the referendum when I returned from Sochi," said Vui during a tour of the works on the Milo Veliki highway in aak.
"I'm waiting for a lawyer's opinion," he explained.
Speaking about the incident in Sabac, Vui said that the driver of the excavator did not injure anyone and is currently in the hospital.

Serbian President Urged to Withdraw Expropriation Law After Protests

The Serbian Bar Association, AKS, on Sunday urged the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, not to promulgate the disputed Law on Expropriation by signing amendments to the law that  parliament adopted on November 26.

Serbian Peace Activists’ HQ Sprayed with Ratko Mladic Graffiti

Unidentified perpetrators spraypainted insults and defamatory messages on the entrance door of Women in Black's office in Belgrade on Sunday night - the latest in a series of graffiti attacks on the anti-war NGO's premises.

The doors of the building were sprayed with messages like "Whores in Black", "Ratko Mladic - Hero" and "[Women in Black head] Stasa [Zajovic] - Ustasa".

Kosovo’s Forensic Investigators: ‘We are the Voice of the Dead’

"The bodies had been thrown into the grave mercilessly and hurriedly. When I first touched the remains of a body, I shuddered with horror. It seemed to me that each of them was telling me his own history of his death. It was something surreal," Gerxhaliu told BIRN.