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Migrants on Westward Trek Meet Kindness in Romania’s Timisoara

Overwhelmed by an influx of asylum seekers, the authorities had failed to find a facility where the migrants could follow the 14-day quarantine rule required of every visitor from "yellow" zones, so called because of their high incidence of COVID-19. 

Slovenia, Serbia plan a joint conference to boost investments

Belgrade – Slovenia and Serbia plan to hold a joint investment conference in summer or autumn, according to a report by the Serbian media following a meeting between Slovenian Economy Minister Zdravko Počivalšek and Serbian Minister of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications Tatjana Matić.

Slovenia to get new airline, aviation portal says

Ljubljana – A new airline named SouthEast Airlines is emerging in Slovenia, web aviation portal Sierra5 reported on Tuesday, adding that the airline will initially provide mainly charter flights using Airbus A320 fleet. At first, SouthEast Airlines is to focus on EU markets with the first licensed commercial flight planned for early June.

Vučić: We are facing a difficult period VIDEO

"We analyzed the last elections held in Kosovo and Metohija. We stated absolute support among the Serb population for the Serbian List. It is higher in the north, and in accordance with that, we will take measures to oppose the violence of Albanian political entities," Vucic said.

More than 3.000 newly infected, 15 people died

There are 157 patients on respirators, out of 3.727 hospitalized.
In the last 24 hours, 15.000 people were tested.
Since the outbreak of the epidemic in Serbia, 442.857 people have been infected, of which 4.366 have died.
The mortality rate is 0.99 percent.

Abuse of Journalists Rarely Punished by Serbian Courts: Report

A report analysing court cases for crimes against journalists, published on Tuesday by the Belgrade-based Slavko Curuvija Foundation and Centre for Judicial Research, says that on average, only one in ten criminal complaints about threats to or attacks on journalists results in a court verdict.

Kosovo Election Dispute is No Excuse for Anti-Roma Racism

Our communities have always been kept in degrading conditions and excluded from society, partly in order to make sure that poor non-Roma did not rebel against their lot in life. Even now, in many villages the 'best' Roma is the guy who still works for the locals, morning to evening, for whatever they will give him - "the best Roma in the village".

Kon: Two topics for the Crisis Staff, we have to consider schools as well

Epidemiologists warned about such consequences even before the extended weekend due to the national holiday of Sretenje.
Epidemiologist Predrag Kon said tonight that the Crisis Staff will discuss working hours and gatherings.
Kon added that the medical part of the Crisis Staff is clear and that we cannot afford no new sudden increase in numbers.

First Vaccines Fail to Halt Pandemic in Southeast, Central Europe

It has been almost a year since the first cases of coronavirus were confirmed in Southeast and Central Europe, and with the start of vaccination, which began in some countries in December, the region is awaiting a return to normal life.

However, that return to normality is not yet in sight as the number of new confirmed cases of infection continues to escalate.

In Serbia, nearly 3.000 newly infected, 14 people died

A total of 2.858.176 were tested in our country, of which 12.054 people in the last 24 hours, it is stated on the website.
There are now 3.641 people in hospital in Serbia, and 153 patients are on respirators.
The total number of dead is 4.351, while the total number of infected is 439.596 people.

A contingent of 46.800 doses of "Pfizer" vaccines arrived

Debt Repaid: Kosovo Hospitals Take in Fearful Albanian COVID-19 Patients

"I think they [the Kosovars] have more than compensated for the debt of 1999," he added, referencing Kosovo's independence war with Serbia of spring 1999 when Albanians- especially those who live in the cities and villages near the border with Kosovo- sheltered hundreds thousands Kosovo Albanians who flew their homes.

In Hostile Serbian Parliament, MP Fights for Rights of ‘Enemy’ Albanians

As a political representative of ethnic Albanians in Serbia, Shaip Kamberi never had it easy.

It got a whole lot harder, however, when an election last year yielded a parliament dominated by the party of President Aleksandar Vucic and its allies, leaving Kamberi and his five Albanian and Bosniaks colleagues as the only opposition MPs in the 250-seat assembly.