Latest News from Serbia

Man freezes to death in northern Serbia

The first results of the investigation show that he died of freezing, the Interior Ministry (MUP) has announced.

It is also stated that the body was found in the area of the village of Larcak.

More snow is forecast for Monday afternoon, with a warning still in force to pedestrians and drivers to avoid coming to harm from falling branches and trees.

Serbian PM travels to Brussels

Brnabic will chair a meeting of the Stabilisation and Association Council between Serbia and the European Union, the government announced on Monday.

Thousands Rally In Belgrade Against Serbian President

Thousands of protesters have taken to the streets of the Serbian capital of Belgrade to express their discontent with the rule of President Aleksandar Vucic and his government, reports Radio Free Europe. 

Vucic ahead of UNSC session: I will fight with all my heart

During an unscheduled press conference in Belgrade, Vucic announced he would travel to New York on an Air Serbia plane, and "hopes it won't be late" - and noted that he would present "what Serbia thinks" after UN mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) chief Zahir Tanin addresses the Council.

Nazi-Allied Fighters’ Heirs ‘Seeking Restitution from Serbia’

Descendants of fighters allied with the Nazis and the collaborationist World War II regime in Serbia have been asking for the restitution of property confiscated after the war, the national restitution agency said.

"Harshest condemnation of so-called Kosovo army"

This took place Friday's session of the Serbian government.

This decision of Pristina causes great concern and represents a gross violation of international law, first and foremost of UN Security Council Resolution 1244, the government announced.

Vucic visits Ground Safety Zone

The visit will happen "in the next 72 hours," reports said late on Thursday.

RTS reported on Friday afternoon that Vucic had visited army units at an undisclosed location, and that his tour of the area was continuing.

The Ground Safety Zone was established after the 1999 war and runs along the administrative line between Kosovo and central Serbia.

Memorandum of understanding signed with World Economic Forum

The signing of this document is the result of a series of joint initiatives of the government, as well as the president of Serbia, with the World Economic Forum, the Serbian government announced.

"Illegal formation in Serbian territory, do not join it"

The director of the Office for Kosovo and Metohija also said that this so-called army is formed with the goal of changing the country's borders by force.

Djuric's complete address reads as follows:

"They've created army to attack Serbs, Vucic won't let them"

Vulin also said that the Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija can feel reassured,and have absolute support of the president and the Serbian Army, because there is no higher interest for the state than "the preservation of Serbs in the territory of Kosovo and Metohija."

Kosovo Assembly adopts laws to establish army

Several future "soldiers" also walked into the parliament (see video below).

RTS is reporting said that the legislation in question was passed "under accelerated procedure and unanimously."

Bulgaria to Seek Binding Bids for New Gas Link by Jan 16

Bulgaria's state gas network operator Bulgartransgaz plans to seek binding bids from shippers by Jan 16 for a new gas link to transport mainly Russian gas from the TurkStream pipeline to central Europe, company documents showed on Thursday, reports Reuters.