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Serbian Mayor Will File Charges to Expose ‘Liars Targeting President’

The mayor of the northern Serbian city of Novi Sad, Milos Vucevic, a senior official in Serbia's ruling Serbian Progressive Party, SNS, will file an as yet unnamed criminal charge on Tuesday against President Aleksandar Vucic, the party announced on Monday - with a view to clearing the President's reputation and exposing the "mafia octopus" that the mayor says has Vucic in its sights.

Sebic wins bronze medal!

At the Olympic Games in Tokyo, Milenko Sebi won a bronze medal in the discipline men's 50-metre rifle.
Sebic shot a total of 448.2 rounds and came to the medal after a direct duel with Norwegian Jon Herman Heg, who shot 438 rounds.

Ten countries ready to withdraw recognition of Kosovo?

These are very strong guarantees that these countries have given to Belgrade.
"Politika" states that it is assumed that these are countries from Africa and Asia, but their name is not mentioned, primarily due to the possible pressure to which they would be exposed by the United States.

Mighty Serbia defeated Montenegro and chose Italy for the next rival!

The Olympic champion inflicted a heavy defeat on one of the medal candidates and chose third place in the group with a score of 3-2.
Therefore, Serbia scheduled a classic with Italy in the quarterfinals of the tournament. A clash of Olympic and world champions for a real spectacle!

Vučić: "Vulin and I will file criminal charges against ourselves"

Vui said that the "Open Balkans" initiative and the decision to abolish the borders in 2023 are historic.
"I think it is a historic decision, and we will see if we will be ready to implement it. We have to try to harmonize regulations. To enable people not to see borders, it requires a lot of work, and those are huge benefits for companies.

The numbers of newly infected still rising

There are eight patients on respirators, and 431 people were hospitalized.
As it is stated, the analysis of 6.063 samples was done.
During the coronavirus epidemic in Serbia, 7.118 people died from the consequences of COVID-19, while the mortality rate is 0.99.

Montenegro Investigated Belivuk Crime Gang, Katnic Insists

Montenegrin Special State Prosecutor Milivoje Katnic on the press conference. Photo: PR Centar

During a parliamentary session, Katnic responded to allegations that the criminal group had enjoyed the support of former officials in Montenegro before the change of government there.

Vučić - Kurti 3:0

As he pointed out, something like that did not happen.

Vučić: Kurti is wrong, but I have nothing against it VIDEO

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said today that he was sorry that some in the region were against the "Open Balkans" initiative, because they would like to remain stuck in the 1990s and within closed borders.

Romania Busts Balkan-wide Migrant Smuggling Ring

Romanian organised crime prosecutors on Thursday announced the dismantling of a transnational syndicate with presences in several states across the Balkans that trafficked illegal immigrants into Western Europe.

Balkan ‘Mini-Schengen’ Leaders Eye Open Borders by 2023

North Macedonia, Serbia and Albania aim to practically scrap all border obstacles for their citizens and businesses by 2023, eliminating long and tedious waits for travellers and complicated paperwork for companies.