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"Pristina's nervous, West did right things verbally"

He added that, as long as there are no Belgrade-Pristina talks, there is a danger of violence against Serbs (in Kosovo).

Vucic told TV Pink on Wednesday morning, regarding the possibility of Ramush Haradinaj abolishing the said taxes, that this Kosovo politician has long been thinking about it.

"Poverty risk rate reduced in Serbia"

It was adopted by the Serbian government on December 27, 2018.

On this occasion it was pointed out that extreme forms of poverty in Serbia are almost eradicated and the poverty risk rate has been reduced, but that the results in this area, despite visible progress, are far from the desired ones, the government announced.

"Western Balkans: With friends like these..."

This is stated in a report published ahead of this year's Munich Security Conference, dubbed, "The Great Puzzle: Who will pick up the pieces?"

The segment of the report dedicated to this region is entitled, "Western Balkans: With friends like these...," and it states that EU leaders "recognize the strategic importance of this missing piece in the 'jigsaw of Europe'."

Putin writes to Vucic, congratulates "brotherly Serb people"

Statehood Day, known also as Sretenje, will be celebrated on Friday, February 15.

Putin's letter to Vucic was delivered on Wednesday by Russian Ambassador Aleksandr Chepurin, the president's press service said in a statement

The letter reads:

"Dear Mr. President,

Turkey, Serbia should target $2 bln trade volume: Minister

Turkey and Serbia should aim to increase their bilateral trade volume to $2 billion in the near future, Turkish Minister of Youth and Sports Mehmet Muharrem Kasapoğlu said on Feb. 12.

Thaci denies secret meetings with Vucic

Kosovo-based broadcaster RTK is reporting this.

"I met with President Vucic at various meetings of leaders and at various ceremonies outside the cameras, in corridors and salons in Paris, Vatican City, Vienna, New York, where we spoke openly about various events in the region and the Western Balkans," Thaci said.

Haradinaj "could put suspending taxes on govt. agenda"

This was published by Pristina-based Koha.

"Haradinaj has, according to the valid rules, constitutional powers and law, so far addressed all issues on the agenda and will continue to deal with all issues related to the agenda," Doneta Gashi, Haradinaj political adviser, told the newspaper.

Bella Bulgaria Plans to Invest BGN 15 Million and Enter the Serbian Market

The Bulgarian food company "Bella Bulgaria" started 2019 with a large investment program in the production, storage and export of food. The company invests over BGN 15 million in the implementation of ultramodern automated lines and quality control systems, the construction of new warehouses in the country.

"Thank you for not recognizing Kosovo"

Vucic emphasized that it was necessary to encourage improvement of political dialogue and economic cooperation between the two countries, since bilateral relations are friendly, but not sufficiently developed

Poor 2018 for Bulgarian Exports, Close to BGN 8 Billion Negative Balance

In 2018 Bulgaria were exported goods worth BGN 55 275.7 million, which is 1.2% more than in the previous year. In December alone, total exports amounted to BGN 4 154.7 million and decreased by 2.4% compared to the same month of the previous year, preliminary data from the National Statistical Institute show.

US wants Hungary to "stop Huawei"

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said this on Monday during his visit to Hungary, Tanjug is reporting, citing AP.

NATO turned Serbia into testing ground, says doctor

The number of children suffering from malignant diseases of blood and brain has significantly increased and since 1999 (the year of NATO's 78-day aerial war against Serbia) and has been rising each year.

"Not time for protests, talks with Kosovo more important"

The head of the NGO said that now is not the moment because the finalization of negotiations with Pristina, which should be completed as soon as possible, is in the interest of the security of the whole region and should currently have priority.

Dacic responds to opposition politician regarding Venezuela

Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic said this.

"Our own negative experience from recent past obligates us not to interfere in the internal affairs of sovereign states," he told Vecernje Novosti, and added: