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Bosnian Serb Strongman to Sack 16 Ambassadors

After meeting the new President of Republika Srpska, Zeljka Cvijanovic, on Thursday in Banja Luka, Milorad Dodik, the former RS President and new Serbian member of the Bosnian Presidency, said he would be seeking to replace a list of Bosnian ambassadors.

President and NATO chief in telephone conversation

The Serbian president thanked Stoltenberg in a telephone conversation for his statement that "this was no time" to form an army of so-called Kosovo and that so-called Kosovo's intent to transform its security forces into an army was coming "at the wrong time."

Peace, stability only interest of Serbia in region

She stressed that she has never even called on war, as interpreted by some foreign media, but on peace and stability.

Brnabic told reporters during a tour of the Serbian-Korean Information and Access Centre that she is very sorry about the manner in which some of the world's media interpreted her yesterday's statement, because "it turned out" that Serbia was threatening.

"5 of Europe's 10 most polluted cities are in Balkans"

According to the agency, the only ones who are happy are vendors of air purifiers.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), on the list of the ten most polluted cities in Europe, five are in the Balkans, and they are Bosnia-Herzegovina), Pljevlja (Montenegro) and Skopje, Tetovo and Bitola (Macedonia).

Stormy Thursday in Assembly: Should Ljajic or Seselj go?

Milorad Mijatovic, from Ljajic's SDPS party, at the same asked the parliamentary speaker and the chairman of the Administrative Committee when the SRS deputy and party leader Vojislav Seselj will be left without a mandate.

Germany reliable, important partner of Serbia

At the celebration of 18 years of development cooperation between Germany and Serbia, the minister for EU integration stated that some of those projects are those for the renovation and expansion of the capacities of the Bajina Basta and Zvornik hydroelectric power plants, introduction of district heating system in 21 municipalities, introduction of wastewater system in 24 municipalities and im

Vucic: I'm convinced there'll be no war

"I do not like to even use that word, it seems to me that people in Pristina today don't understand the scope of the disaster they can cause, and I plead with them try to understand that," the president told TV Pink, and added:

Chinese ambassador doesn't expect war in Kosovo

Li was addressing a panel entitled, "The place and role of China in a global orde, with a special focus on the Balkans and Serbia" late on Wednesday when he made the comment.

NATO chief, too, has message about Kosovo army

The NATO secretary general said on Wednesday that NATO (foreign ministers) at their meeting discussed Kosovo's intention to transform the Kosovo Security Forces (KSF) into an "army."

"Such a step is coming at a wrong time," he said.

Serbia to open two more chapters in EU accession talks

This will happen next week, Tanjug said it learned on Wednesday.

EU diplomatic sources in Brussels said Wednesday the ambassadors had, unanimously and without debate, backed Tuesday's decision by the EU working group on enlargement (COELA) to open Chapter 17 (Economic and Monetary Policy) and Chapter 18 (Statistics) with Serbia.

After US ultimatum to Russia, EU reacts

The EU foreign and security policy chief remarked this upon her arrival to the NATO foreign minister's meeting on Wednesday, when journalists asked "should European citizens feel concerned after this stern warning that (US State Secretary) Mike Pompeo launched to Russia?"