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Serbia, Kosovo Prepare for Restart of Talks in Washington

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic reacted warily on Tuesday after Richard Grenell, US president Donald Trump's special envoy for Serbia-Kosovo dialogue, announced talks at the White House on June 27 and said that Pristina and Belgrade had offered temporary concessions.

"Montenegro opens border with Serbia on Monday"

"We have information that on Friday, June 19, the National Coordination Body for Infectious Diseases (NCP) will recommend that the Montenegrin border be opened to all citizens coming from Serbia, and as of Monday, we will, I hope, establish normal movement between the two countries," he said.

Vucic: I feel ashamed to talk about the recognition of Kosovo on the eve of Vidovdan

"I am ashamed to even answer to the question whether Serbia will recognize Kosovo on the eve of Vidovdan. I am ashamed, because it says more about them. It will never be on our agenda. It speaks about what others have done," he said.
He pointed out that we are facing a difficult period, which will commence with the arrival of Miroslav Lajcak.

Vucic: Porsche made in Cacak PHOTO / VIDEO

Today, President Aleksandar Vucic visited the plant of the new factory "Vorwerk" in Cacak, which also produces parts for Porsches and other most famous car brands, and said that - there is no Porsche without Cacak.

It's officially confirmed: Serbian tourists can go to Greece

Milan Vukosavljevic, our consul in Athens, managed to get the Promachonas border crossing, i.e. border checkpoint Kulata, open for our tourists who are waiting all day.
As "Novosti" finds out, our tourists are slowly crossing the border checkpoint and moving towards summer resorts.

Final outcome: "Border with Greece open only to EU citizens"

The opening of the border came an hour after it was officially announced that it would be opened, and EU citizens who want to enter Bulgaria must first fill in a questionnaire stating their full name and place where they are traveling, BTA reports.

In Serbia, 57 newly infected, one person died

One person died bringing total death toll in Serbia to 255.
5.085 people were tested, during the last 24 hundred, while a total of 308.013 people were tested in Serbia since the beginning of the epidemic.
There are 551 active cases, while 15 people are on respirators.

Vucic vs. robot Emma: Why did you come to Serbia?

The hosts informed the President about everything the Center has at its disposal, including the robot Emma, whom Vucic asked why she came to Serbia, to which she replied that she "loves Serbia".

59 newly infected, one person died

Since the last report, samples of 1.802 people have been tested.
Since the beginning of the epidemic in Serbia, a total of 12.210 cases of coronavirus have been confirmed, and a total of 302.928 people who met the criteria for defining the case have been tested.
There are currently 533 active cases of coronavirus, while 15 patients are on a respirator.