"Serbia with EU on Ukraine - except for sanctions"


"Serbia with EU on Ukraine - except for sanctions"

VIENNA -- Aleksandar Vučić has said that Belgrade supports the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine and is doing everything so it can be with its EU partners.

"Serbia's position is in accordance with international law and the position of the European Union. The only difference is that it has not imposed sanctions on Russia," Vučić said in response to reporters' questions after a meeting with Austrian Vice Chancellor and Finance Minister Michael Spindelegger in Vienna on Wednesday.

"We're doing everything to be with our European partners. I think it's a clear message of Serbia and I think no one expected us to say publicly that we support the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine," said he.

Vučić also spoke about the situation after the floods and said that Serbia and other countries in the region affected by the disaster needed European solidarity and help, but did not wish to give estimates about the damage.

Vučić said that Serbia will make those estimates together with international organizations, "because it wants to be realistic," but added that the first figure mentioned by the EBRD took into account damages of some EUR 2 billion, which, as noted, is "a huge sum for Serbia."

He emphasized that the country has no objection to act together with Bosnia-Herzegovina and Croatia in seeking help and solidarity from the EU.

He pointed out that Austria has sent a very large financial support, "one of the largest donations we received from countries around the world."

"We will not be able to cope on our own. We need European aid and solidarity. I hope we can count on it," said Vučić and thanked his...

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