Six young Serbian mathematicians win six medals


Six young Serbian mathematicians win six medals

BELGRADE -- A team of six Serbian high school students that took part in the 55th International Mathematical Olympiad in Cape Town has returned home with six medals.

The Serbian youths competed with 560 of their peers from 101 countries from around the world, winning one gold, three silver, and two bronze medals.

The six students attend the Belgrade Mathematical Gymnasium and the Niš Gymnasium Svetozar Marković, and were welcomed at Belgrade's Nikola Tesla Airport on Tuesday by their parents and reporters.

Žarko Rađelović brought home the gold medal, while Anđela Šarković won a silver.

Beside these two natives of Niš, the team included four Belgraders: Dušan Drobnjak and Luka Vukelić who both won silver medals, and Ivan Tanasijević and Maksim Stokić, who won bronze.

All six were happy and proud when they spoke with reporters, and revealed that they enjoyed a good time in South Africa, where they mostly socialized with fellow contestants from Macedonia, Croatia, and Bosnia.

All plan to pursue higher science education, and say they will decide whether that will happen in the country or abroad "depending on the conditions."

Ranđelović and Tanasijević will continue their studies at Britain's Cambridge University - something they will be able to do thanks to the support provided by the oil company NIS.

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