Orban: EU Policy Towards Russia is Bad


Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has criticized the European Union's policy towards Russia in an interview with Velt Am Sonntag.

"The EU does not understand that Russia must demonstrate both strength and readiness for cooperation at the same time. European policy towards Russia is bad because it is too one-sided, Hungary has a relative influence, the word is the big countries in the EU that necessarily wanting sanctions against Russia We have given up our veto [in the context of restrictive measures] to preserve the cohesion of the EU, "Orban said.

According to him, it must be acknowledged that President Vladimir Putin has once again made his country strong. "Russia is once again one of the world's political actors, and freedom is the first thing for the West, and in Russia it is first and foremost that the vast state is to be consolidated, and everything else comes after." The EU does not understand Russia, Orban said.

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