Will Donald Trump Buy Greenland?

US president Donald Trump has repeatedly shown interest in buying Greenland from Denmark "in varying degrees of severity," the Wall Street Journal reported, citing global agencies.

The American daily cites unnamed current and former White House officials. According to quoted sources, the US president has asked his advisers to "consider the idea" of buying the largest island on Earth.

Trump has shown interest in Greenland because of its natural resources and geopolitical importance. Possible motives are to strengthen the US military presence in the Arctic or to leave a legacy such as the purchase of Alaska from Russia in the 19th century, BTA reported.

Trump told his associates that Denmark was experiencing financial difficulties because of the huge autonomous territory forming part of the kingdom.

The US president is scheduled to visit Denmark early next month.

The White House and Denmark have not yet commented on the Wall Street Journal's claims. However, CNN television cites two anonymous sources that confirm the media publication.

With a population of about 56,000, the Arctic Autonomous Territory receives an annual grant of around $ 560 million from Denmark - more than half of its revenue, DPA said.

The AP recalls that the US has already tried to buy the largest island on Earth. In 1946, they offered Denmark $ 100 million for Greenland, tossing the idea of ​​exchanging land in Alaska against strategic parts of the Arctic island.

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