"Farewell" address of Kyle Scott

He writes in an op-ed in daily "Blic" that he traveled throughout Serbia over the course of three and a half years trying to improve our mutual relations, strengthen economic ties, promote American culture, enhance military co-operation and present US values and policies.
"I am proud of all that I have done with the support of a fantastic team of professionals from the US Embassy. Today, over 20,000 people work in US companies in Serbia. They are creating high quality jobs and introducing new technologies that strengthen the Serbian economy", Scott said. He added that he took part in opening new factories, medical facilities, attended the beginning of the construction of the NCR campus ....
He says that when he thinks about Serbia, in addition to his daily work, the people and the places he visited will remain in his memory for a long time, as well as the boundless hospitality of the Serbian people.

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