Fierce attacks on Johnson, investigation required

The investigation is being sought because the government has failed to fully explain the differences in the death toll, the low number of tests and the lack of equipment in hospitals.
The new coronavirus epidemic, the worst health crisis since the flu pandemic of 1918, has thrown governments around the world into an unprecedented situation with the population under stress, shutting down the global economy and overburdened health systems.
Johnson was initially reluctant to approve the restrictive measures imposed by other European leaders, but only later adopted them when projections showed that 250.000 people could die in the United Kingdom.
Since the introduction of the measures, the government has been giving contradictory explanations as to why it has not joined the EU scheme for the purchase of respirators and has acknowledged that it has problems in procuring protective equipment for healthcare professionals.
"Once we overcome this crisis, it will be necessary to conduct an independent inquiry to formally re-examine the government's response to the pandemic," Ed Davey, acting Liberal Democrat chief of staff said.
"The investigation must have the strongest powers possible given the shocking lack of protective equipment for staff and the slow response of the government to establish the truth and give an opportunity for Boris Johnson to answer more serious questions."
The UK's main opposition Labour leader Keir Starmer also said the government was slow in responding to the crisis and that at some point the UK would have to review it.
Johnson contracted COVID-19 earlier this month and ended up in intensive care. He is now recovering but is holding some meetings and conference calls.
The actual death toll of COVID-19...

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