China snaps at Americans: "Look after your business with Montenegro"

During his visit to Podgorica, Palmer called on Montenegrin officials to be careful in doing business with this country.
"Friendly relations between China and Montenegro are based on mutual respect and equality, and economic and trade relations are on a voluntary basis and mutual benefit. "The Chinese side is glad to see that Montenegro is developing relations and strengthening cooperation with other countries, but it does not want to see other countries irresponsibly point the finger at relations between China and Montenegro," the Chinese Embassy in Montenegro said.
"A senior US official called on the Montenegrin side to exercise caution in business relations with China, which is essentially the same as when a senior US official during his visit to the region in 2019 unfoundedly objected to cooperation between China and countries in the region. US officials should look after their business with Montenegro, and worry less about relations between China and Montenegro", it is added in the statement.

— Chinese Embassy in Montenegro (@ChineseEmbinMNE) July 8, 2021

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