What Djilas said about lithium four years ago: "It will employ thousands of people"

Four years ago, he was an ardent supporter of this project, Belgrade media report.
Referring to the interview of Djilas for Nedeljnik on October 25, 2017, they write that he literally said that we should talk about the concession for those mines, because it is a huge chance for Serbia.
"Let's talk about Belgrade, about the economy. Here, it has been confirmed that the second largest lithium deposit in the world and the largest in Europe has been discovered near Loznica. Let's talk about the concession for those mines, but the battery factory should be with us, given that they are part of all mobile phones and electric cars. Isn't that a chance for Serbia? It will employ thousands and thousands of people and make a brand out of our country. Imagine in every mobile phone or car a part that says "Made in Serbia". These are the topics we need today, instead of the people who do not support this government to pay attention to what Vui, Vesi and Mali are saying," Djilas said at the time.

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