The EP has called for a halt to imports of Gas, Oil, Coal and Nuclear Fuel from Russia

In a resolution passed by 513 votes to 22, with 19 abstentions, MEPs called for additional sanctions, including an "immediate full embargo on imports of oil, coal, nuclear fuel and gas originating in Russia".

According to the document, this should be accompanied by a plan to ensure security of energy supply for the EU, as well as a strategy to "lift sanctions one by one if Russia takes steps to restore Ukraine's independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity within its internationally recognized borders and completely withdraw its troops from the territory of Ukraine".

MEPs also urge member states to stop cooperating with Russian companies on existing and new nuclear projects, including in Finland, Hungary and Bulgaria, where Russian experts can be replaced by Western ones, and to phase out Rosatom's services.

Exclusion of Russia from the G20 and other multilateral organizations

MEPs call on EU leaders to exclude Russia from the G20 and other multilateral organizations, such as the UN Human Rights Council, Interpol, the World Trade Organization, UNESCO and others, "which would be an important sign that the international community will not return to its previous usual relationship with the aggressor state."

In order to increase the effectiveness of sanctions, the EP calls on Russian banks to be excluded from the SWIFT system, to ban all vessels connected to Russia, to enter EU territorial waters and to dock in EU ports, and to ban road haulage to and from the territory of Russia and Belarus.

MEPs also demand the seizure of "all assets belonging to Russian officials or oligarchs linked to the Putin regime, their intermediaries and proxies, and those in Belarus linked to...

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