Bulgaria: “We Continue the Change” will Support the provision of Military Aid to Ukraine

The Bulgarian party "We Continue the Change" will support the proposal for Bulgaria to participate with military aid in Ukraine. This was stated by Nikola Minchev on BNT. A few days ago, "Democratic Bulgaria" announced that they would submit such a proposal after the convening of the 48th National Assembly.

"We will support them depending on the needs. However, there is a coincidence of the equipment that Ukraine has and that is produced in the Bulgarian military industrial plants. This is even a symbolic act for us to help a country that defends its territorial integrity and sovereignty. Ukraine is a country that is in need right now. We, thank God, are not in need right now, and we are part of a great alliance that provides us with protection," he said.

According to Nikola Minchev, President Rumen Radev should have signed the declaration in support of Ukraine joining NATO, which was issued by 9 countries from Eastern and Central Europe.

"There is no reason to be against accepting countries into NATO because they had a conflict with someone. I believe that support will also come from the West, and I certainly think that the future of Ukraine is in NATO," Minchev pointed out.

He pointed out that it is good for the cabinet to collect offers for military aircraft, but not to buy them, because the decision on this should be taken by the parliament.

"We support the efforts to modernize the Bulgarian Army. This also applies to our aviation. But before we proceed to such a huge expenditure, the exact calculations should be seen - if we have already ordered the F16, how viable is it to have Gripen aircraft as well," Minchev said.

According to the former Speaker of the Parliament, if a...

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