Air Blockade in Israel until Netanyahu reverses Judicial Reform

@Wikimedia Commons

The situation in Israel is getting more and more complicated. There will be no flights from Ben Gurion International Airport until further notice as part of a large-scale strike announced by the Labor Union on Monday morning to protest judicial reform. This was announced by the chairman of the Committee of Airport Authorities of Israel, Pinchas Idan, quoted by the Jerusalem Post.

The strike is a sign of protest against the judicial reform pushed by the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is accused of corruption. It would subordinate the Supreme Court to politicians and impose their influence on the appointment of judges.

Atarot International Airport will remain in operation, but it is used by the Israeli Armed Forces.

The most far-right cabinet in Israel's history unveiled its reform plan shortly after taking office, sparking thousands of protests that spread beyond the country's borders. Jews protested in both Germany and the United States. World leaders are also reacting with concern, including Israel's main ally - the United States.

After weeks of protests in the streets of Israel, the situation escalated last night after Netanyahu fired Defense Minister Maj. Gen. Yoav Gallant from Netanyahu's Likud party after he called on the government to freeze progress on the judicial legislation. This brought hundreds of thousands to the streets of cities in Israel: Tel Aviv, Beersheba, Haifa. In Jerusalem, thousands gathered outside Netanyahu's private residence. They insisted that Israel remain a democratic state and not become a dictatorship where there is no separation of powers.

The police clashed with them and used a water cannon.

Demonstrators in Tel Aviv blocked the main Ayalon highway and lit large fires...

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