It started: Shop windows broken, tear gas thrown; Millions took to the streets? VIDEO

As the unions reported, a million people are expected on the streets in French cities.
Workers staged protest marches across France today, May 1, International Labor Day, unhappy that President Emmanuel Macron raised the retirement age and police fired tear gas in Paris and Nantes in the west of the country.
Previously, the French, after the decision was made to raise the retirement age from 62 to 64, announced "historic demonstrations" for May 1.
Sophie Binet, the leader of the left-wing CGT union, said the pension reform had left French President Emmanuel Macron isolated, Reuters reported.
"The executive cannot rule without the support of the people," Binet said ahead of protests in Paris, adding that her union had not yet decided whether to discuss other labor-related concerns with the government in the coming weeks.
Laurent Berger, the head of the reform union of the French Democratic Confederation of Labor (CFDT), said that the Macron government has ignored the demands of one of the most powerful social movements in recent decades. He said that his union is open to talks with the government.
"We have to put other proposals around wages and working conditions on the table," he told BFM TV. May Day protests are also planned throughout Germany.
In Italy, the three main unions held a rally in the southern city of Potenza to protest the labor package approved by right-wing Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni.
In the north in Turin, demonstrators held a protest walk carrying a doll with the image of Meloni raising her hand in a fascist salute. An outdoor concert, traditionally organized by trade unions on Labor Day, will be held in Rome.
In Switzerland, a parade through Zurich was held without major incidents, the...

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