Bulgarian Deputy Prime Minister: Lavrov Overflight Granted in Coordination with EU

Bulgarian Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Mariya Gabriel remarked that Bulgaria's decision to authorize the Russian Foreign Minister's aircraft passage over Bulgarian airspace en route to the OSCE Ministerial Council in Skopje was aligned with the European Union's directives. Gabriel clarified that the authorization, specifically for the OSCE meeting from November 29 to December 1, was undertaken in coordination with the EU, ensuring a clear understanding of the delegation's composition.

Emphasizing the meeting's significance regarding the OSCE's future, Gabriel underscored Bulgaria's commitment to contributing its regional stability expertise in the Western Balkans. She iterated Bulgaria's advocacy for Ukraine's NATO integration, focusing on monitoring Ukraine's reforms and readiness for potential future challenges and NATO standards.

Additionally, Gabriel disclosed her participation in NATO Foreign Ministers' sessions at NATO Headquarters in Brussels, scheduled for November 28 and 29. The discussions will center on the forthcoming NATO Summit in 2024, along with analyzing the Western Balkans' situation. Furthermore, she outlined her planned bilateral meetings with counterparts from Canada, Greece, Romania, and Montenegro.

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