Deal on cooperation of police teams of Serbia,Montenegro,RS

BELGRADE - The police directors of Serbia, Montenegro and Republika Srpska (RS), a Serb entity in Bosnia-Herzegovina, have agreed in a meeting in Belgrade that joint police teams should strengthen cooperation in the fight against all forms of organized crime.

"We want to ensure through joint work that no criminal in the territory of Serbia, Montenegro, RS, the Federation of Bosnia-Herzegovina and wider, can be safe," Serbian Police Director Milorad Veljovic told reporters after a meeting on Wednesday.
He said that joint teams should exchange information on a daily basis so as to prevent criminal gangs from causing any destabilization of the area.

"It is important that we send a message to citizens that this area is safe and that their police must be a factor of stability in the region," Veljovic underlined.

He noted that, during the meeting, pieces of information were exchanged concerning the murder of Rade Rakonjac, former bodyguard of Zeljko Raznatovic Arkan, the late criminal and leader of the "Tigers" paramilitary unit in the beginning of the war in the territory of the former Yugoslavia, who was killed in Belgrade downtown on April 2.

The Serbian police director noted that such murders are not confined to the territory of one state only, and that the killing of Rakonjac is a major warning to the police.

Veljovic explained that, when it comes to clashes between criminal gangs, retribution usually follows, so new murders could happen, and that is why police should act preventively.

He added that the exchange of information between the police of Serbia, Montenegro and RS yielded some findings, so new arrests could be expected.

Slavko Stojanovic, director of the Police Department at...

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