Slovakian policemen under investigation over Kosmajac

Miroslav Laicak announces revealing of Serbian gangster's associates Slovakian policemen under investigation over Kosmajac

Slovakian Foreign Minister Miroslav Laicak said that somebody had taken money for giving Slovakian citizenship to a drug dealer from Serbia.

- It is shame that many of the drug-dealers from the Balkans including Dragoslav Kosmajac have Slovakian citizenship. As an individual that represents the Slovakian nation I feel ashamed that there are people ready to sell the name and honor of their own country – Laicak told Slovakian media.

He said that Slovakian citizenship was given to Kosmajac, Darko Saric and Baki Sadiki, an Albanian from Kosovo sentenced in Slovakia to 22 years in prison for cocaine smuggling.


- How is it possible that all those people have purchased Slovakian passport? I have no dilemma that somebody has taken huge many. There are documents signed by real people and I shall be glad that the investigation is carried out successfully – Laicak said.

Kosmajac, whom the Prime Minister Vucic mentioned as the biggest Serbian drug dealer got Slovakian citizenship legally on September 13, 2004. That country’s authorities are now investigating if his documentation was in order.

On the basis of the Slovakian citizenship, Kosmajac first got the ID with which he can travel to all of the EU countries. So he was recently in Austria and Spain.


He also got a passport with which he left to Montenegro and then to Bosnia/Herzegovina last Saturday after the Prime Minister’s press conference.
It is interesting that Kosmajac got Slovakian ID at the same police station in Bratislava where Darko Saric got it two years later. Saric’s...

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