Trump may stage his first visit in Turkey

The title might look like a far-fetched one. Also, I have not heard any piece of news or a hint from Washington. I am only looking at what U.S. President-elect Donald Trump is saying. Also I am looking at the incidents occurring in our region.

What I mean with the "here" in the title is the clashing area from Baghdad to Istanbul.

Now, let me start to explain: The most important man in the U.S. intelligence is saying that there was Russia's cyber-attack in the last elections. In other words, he is saying that Donald Trump was not elected by the U.S. voters, but it was Russia who made it possible that he was elected.

This is a very serious claim against Trump. Apparently, a debate on Trump's legitimacy is trying to be opened. Obviously there is a preparation in the "deep throat" of the U.S. This preparation is one who wishes to degrade Trump.

However, at the same time, another question has been raised by Trump's team: "Did the Obama administration know of this connection of the YPG [People's Protection Units] which cooperates with the PKK, which is on the list of terror organizations?"

In other words, the Trump team is saying, "I can accuse the Obama administration of arming the YPG, of abetting and guiding terrorism." The Trump administration has information on this matter.

Barack Obama's secretary of defense had a pretty clear answer at the commission: "We knew of YPG's contact with the PKK."

Well, this is the critical point. This is how the ruthless power struggle in Washington reflects on our land, in this region. The reply Trump will give to the Obama administration's attack passes through Ankara, Baghdad and Syria.

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